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High School 3/17/2023

DAVID LAZOr of LEESBURG, VA United States asks...

In a high school soccer game my player scored a goal and in his celebration steps off the field, 1 or 3 yards off. The referee gives him a yellow card for not getting permission to leave the field. I have never heard of this rule. ...

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Law 15 - The Throw In 3/11/2023

Ben of Merrimack, New Hampshire United States asks...

When throwing the ball into play from a throw in can your foot be on the line? I’m not sure if your foot can be on the line and it gets called or if your foot has to be completely onto the field....

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Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 2/19/2023

Peter of Stockton, CA USA asks...

Saturday Feb 2 game Everton / Leeds in about the 86 minute the Leeds defender makes a play at the ball and the ball hits his foot and goes directly to the Keeper. The Keeper collects the ball using his hands. The referee did not call this as an offen...

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Law 5 - The Referee 2/11/2023

Andrew McAllister of North Bend, Washington United States asks...

In a throw-in.
After the game, both coaches informed me that a player from the opposing team had punched the hurt player. The opposing team member that hit the attacking player had been pushed by the attacking player before this happened.

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League Specific 2/10/2023

DAVID LOVETT of ROYAL PALM BEACH, FL United States asks...

I have tried to find an answer to this but to no avail so I am coming to the experts. Here it is. In a 9U game where "deliberate" heading is not allowed, can a goal be scored by an non-deliberate header. Here is the situation. Attacking p...

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High School 2/8/2023

Jeff of Portland, OR USA asks...

Had a situation in a game where an attacker lost a fair shoulder challenge vs. opponent and opponent got possession while the attacker fell down. Attacker got up gunning for the player and did what I call a "payback" tackle sliding from behind at him...

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Law 15 - The Throw In 2/8/2023

Luke of bala cynwyd, PA USA asks...

If they stand on the line does it count?...

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High School 10/18/2022

DAVID LOVETT of ROYAL PALM BEACH, FL United States asks...

At the taking of a penalty kick, the kick is taken in accordance with the laws so all is well so far. Then, the ball hits the crossbar and deflates. What is the proper restart? I seem to find answers that only pertain to the ball becoming flat during...

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League Specific 10/17/2022

Richard evans of Redditch, Eorcs Uk asks...

The league is trialling the no heading rule for the U12.

On Saturday the attacking team won a corner and from the resulting corner a defender jumped and headed the ball which flew into the net.

The rule is that deliberate headin...

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High School 9/27/2022

William Stoneman of Fairfield, ca usa asks...

In the old USSF "Advice for Referees" publication. A ball hanging a tree hanging over the field was still in play. If it stayed inbounds after hitting the tree. At a field with a tree over hanging tree. A team member was insisting that it was out...

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