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Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 5/26/2008

Micheal of Superior, Colorado USA asks...

Tell me what you consider to be the proper call.

Player A in pursuit of Player B (with ball) closes in from 5 yards away and hits B. shoulder to shoulder to knock him off the ball. B. falls down and A. takes control. Contact is hard and ...

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Kicks From The Penalty mark 5/23/2008

adam kowalski of annandale, nj usa asks...

When a player is taking a pk, can he run up and come to a complete stop, and then step and kick?          
Also what about stepping/ leaning back? (Allowed?)...

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Kicks From The Penalty mark 5/23/2008

Gwyn Williams of Bridgewater, NJ USA asks...

Having seen Christian Ronaldo "stutter step" while taking several PKs recently my questions are:
- what type of actions by the kicker that are meant to deceive the keeper are OK?
- what actions are definitely not OK?
- are there ove...

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Law 15 - Throw In 5/19/2008

Ken Gamble of Decatur, Alabama USA asks...


(USSF game) Player A makes an improper throw-in "one of his feet is off the ground". However the ball never enters the field.

Chuck Fleischer wrote: A throw-in that is incorrectly taken is given to the other side w...

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Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 4/11/2008

michael calvetti of Richland, MO USA asks...

Ihave a coach who has questioned a particular call and I wish to ensure that I am correct but can't find the definitive answer for him in the Laws of the Game of FIFA. The question pertains to the goalkeeper when they are going to punt the ball away...

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Mechanics 4/11/2008

Jon Babylon of oakton, va us asks...

Thanks to all the refs who have answered my questions! This one is directed to those who have officiated a pro match: When I was playing in middle school no one "flopped" on the pitch. Then when I was playing on a select travel team in high school ...

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Law 1- The Field 12/21/2007

Melvin Hagerman of Colorado Springs, Colorado U.S.A. asks...

Extending the question #6361: I have seen a number of top-division leagues (Mexico, Spain, Italy to name some) which have put what looks like large canvas advertising signs on both sides of both goals. These are out of play, but barely outside the ...

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Law 3 - Number of Players 12/10/2007

Pat Trombly of Newton, MA USA asks...

The Laws state that "[g]oing off of the field of play may be considered to be part of playing movement."

My son's league plays 4 v 4 including keeper, on a very small field with goals the size of bathtubs. I have a lot of small but fast p...

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Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 11/14/2007

Zach Pendt of Bremerton, WA USA asks...

A shot is taken by team A. It is a high shot that might be going over the cross bar but nobody can tell including Team B's goalkeeper. Because of this, team B's goalkeeper jumps up, grabs the crossbar and pulls it down to block the ball. What do you...

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Character, Attitude and Control 10/21/2007

Jonathan Sterling of Titusville, Florida United States asks...

Once I was ref'ing a tournament and we had a guest referee from far away come in. When the subject of coaches wandering too far and interfering with the AR's line of site came up, he said that he used to always carry white spray paint with him. If ...

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