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High School 11/2/2017

Steve Bryan of Clemmons, NC USA asks...

I was keeping the time clock and the home team kept instructing to restart the clock on the whistle after a stoppage for injury or a card. I have been told that you start the clock when the ball is put in play not on the whistle-what does the rule sa...

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Law 7 - The Duration of the Match 10/22/2017

Joseph of Concord, CA USA asks...

Thoughts on telling players how much time is left in a game if they ask? I have players ask probably 3-4 times a game near the end of each half how much time is left. I would prefer to not tell them or have to look down at my watch and possibly miss ...

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Law 4 - The Players Equipment 10/17/2017

Mandee Seeley of Sisters, Oregon United States asks...

I work for the local parks and rec. We go by us youth soccer rules but I can't find an answer to this.

We have a 5th grader with a hard cast in Sisters, Oregon. She wants to play but we're getting different answers about whether it's allowed...

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Law 5 - The Referee 10/5/2017

Heather of Bradford, PA USA asks...

Hi there!

I was at a game last night where Red was inside Black's box. One red player was attempting to shoot and one Black defender was defending and the Black goalie was able to come out and grab the ball. The black goalie then cleared the...

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Law 13 - Free Kicks 10/3/2017

Doc of Kansas City, Missouri US asks...

On an Indirect kick, a player kicked the ball ball directly into the opponent's goal; the goal was disallowed.

Afterward the restart was a dropped ball; was this correct?...

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Law 11 - Offside 10/2/2017

Dave Bermingham of Herndon, Virginia United States asks...

In one of my matches over the weekend my AR flagged for offside on a play where the OPP was chasing a ball that was clearly running through to the Goal Keeper. The GK gathered the ball as I waved down the AR's flag while the OPP was still 2-3 ya...

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Law 5 - The Referee 9/29/2017

Salvador Flores of Indianapolis, IN USA asks...

What would happen if a goal is accidentally scored by a referee? Is the goal disallowed or allowed? for example it hits off the referee and goes into the goal, what is the correct restart?...

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High School 9/23/2017

Brian of Boise, Idaho Usa asks...

Running clock on the jv level.

30 sec left in game and there was a pk called. As the team sets up for the kick we have to wait for all players out of the box. Other team still taking there time by being in the box. Time ends. No kick. Ti...

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High School 9/17/2017

Jeffrey Cowles of Hilliard, OH United States asks...

In addition to coaching HS, I also ref as well so this was frustratingly puzzling to me.
During halftime of a game last night, the referee warned our captain about going down to easily in the box trying to draw a penalty (he had already awarded ...

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High School 9/16/2017

Greg of Lakeville, Mn Ise asks...

State of Minnesota high school league rules.
If a shot is taken and was in air during horn then goes in after horn over goalies head a split second later. Goal or no goal. Define when exact stoppage is . A ball is in motion. Or does it have to cr...

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