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Law 3 - Number of Players 10/21/2013

Scott Worthing of Laguna Beach, CA USA asks...

Hi. If a team puts fewer players on the field than the maximum allowed " but still enough to legally play " should the referee say anything to the coach?

I was the referee on a U-12 girls game where we normally play 9 v 9. As we started th...

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Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 10/21/2013

DJR of Wokingham, Berkshire England asks...

Is it a foul if an attacking player taps away the ball when the goalkeeper is bouncing it and the attacker subsequently scores. As happened in the Chelsea v Cardiff match on 19th Oct 2013....

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Law 15 - Throw In 10/18/2013

Me of Everywhere, WA USA asks...


On a throw-in, if the ball comes in, in the air but then when it bounces touches the ground off the field, it that a do-over or does the oponent have a throw-in?

This happened during a scrimmage game, I thought it never e...

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Law 11 - Offside 10/18/2013

John of Foxboro, MA USA asks...

A ball is played forward in the air by the white team. A white team forward is in an offside position behind a blue team defender. The white team player does not challenge for the ball and allows the blue team player to head the ball. The blue play...

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Law 4 - Players Equipment 10/16/2013

Pharyn of Wilmington, Delaware united states of america asks...

can you play soccer if you have a cast on your hand/wrist/arm and its wrapped in bubble wrap?
because you dont necessarily use your arms or hands in the game of soccer unless your doin throw-ins or the goalie right?
so am i still allowed to p...

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Law 11 - Offside 10/16/2013

Tony of Sydney, NSW Australia asks...

My question to the Panel is to do with the changes this year in the interpretation section of the laws of the game with regard to offside.

It seems there has been a major change to the interpretation for offside as opposed to a clarification...

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Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 10/15/2013

Findlay gray of Stockport, Cheshire England asks...

If the goal keeper has the ball in his hands and is preparing to kick it out am I allowed to sneak up on him and head it out of his hands?...

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Law 5 - The Referee 10/15/2013

Charles Connors of Prattville, AL USA asks...

What can be done when a Referee is making obvious calls to help one team win a game?
Center Ref for the Capital City Streaks and River Region Rapids game on 10-12-13....

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Kicks From The Penalty mark 10/15/2013

Hunter of Fitzgerald, Georgia USA asks...

I signal to take the kick, and the player runs forward, and misses the ball. The ball did not move, and the player did not touch the ball. Do I allow a rekick? Do I continue on to the next kicker and count it as a miss?
This is during a shoot ou...

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Law 3 - Number of Players 10/14/2013

Brendan of Folsom, CA United States asks...

Though a ref myself, I was a spectator at a competitive girls u9 game.
Zero to Zero match half-way into the second half.
The ball goes out of play in our defensive half of the field down by the AR's corner. The AR calls for a throw in for the...

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