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Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 7/13/2011

stopgap of sydney, nsw australia asks...

During the semi final WWC game between france and usa us keeper had hold of the ball in one hand and the french attacker headed the ball out of the keeper's hand. the ref called a foul on the french player. was this correct?...

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Law 13 - Free Kicks 7/13/2011

Shaun McGill of London, Ontario Canada asks...

Last night our team was awarded an indirect free kick. The other team were all 10 yards away from the ball. We had one of our players right beside the ball to touch it and another of our players about 5 feet away ready to kick the ball. The ref made...

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Law 5 - The Referee 7/6/2011

Todd Wendorf of Harrisburg, PA United States asks...

Alright...I will bring up the elephant in the room. On July 3rd, during the Australia-Equatorial Guinea women's match, a defender from Equatorial Guinea appeared to have intentionally handled the ball in the Penalty Area. After holding the ball for...

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Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 7/5/2011

H. Jab of Detroit, MI USA asks...

At the recertification class we were told that USSF wanted handballs to be called handling if the player unfortunately making contact with the arm gained an advantage. In the penalty area we were told to use more discretion.

Obviously we we...

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Law 6 - Assistant Referee 6/6/2011

Ed of Bowmanville, On, Canada asks...

As an assistant referee, if I am unsure which team caused the ball to cross the touch line or goal line, should I raise the flag straight up and hold that position regardless as opposed to signalling for throw in, goal kick or corner kick?...

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Law 5 - The Referee 6/3/2011

Joe of Louisville, KY US asks...

Two questions:

During state tournament, a foul occurs right outside of 18 but Center signals advantage, attacker dribbles a few feet into penalty area and then takes a shot, missing wide. Center whistles and gives the attackers direct kick ...

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Law 13 - Free Kicks 4/4/2011

Alan Lands of Linwood, NJ USA asks...

To Debbie Hoelscher

In a prior response that you gave regarding Law 13, Maintaining the required distance when defending a free kick, you said,

'What these official interpretations by USSF on the LOTG are saying is: 1) The kicking ...

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Character, Attitude and Control 2/15/2011

Dave of DM, IA U.S. asks...

In reference to question 24564.
Do you feel that fans or coaches should be addressed when the yell 'push em' back' when their player is the recipient of a fair charge?
Do you view this as urging the player to escalate the situation.
What ...

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Character, Attitude and Control 9/30/2010

Walter A Oriet of Ft Leonard Wood, Missouri USA asks...

While watching my sons game I noticed that the young lady performing the duties of offical was struggling to keep up with play as far as maintaining a good diagonal. Because of this she missed several calls (not counting offsides which I was not coun...

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Law 14 - Penalty kick 9/25/2010

Paul of Barstow, CA USA asks...

Referee after a penalty kick the ball was dertermined to have lost it's forward motion and the ref stops play. What is the proper restart?...

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