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Ray Granillo of Gilbert, AZ USA asks...

Ok, Im sure everyone wants to know what your take on Henrys supposed handball in todays world cup qualifier.

I know as a player that I have often been coached to use the hands and make ...

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Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 11/18/2009

Todd of Houston, TX USA asks...

I'm always interested in learning more about what amount and kind of contact is to be tolerated at various levels. Taking a look at the Torres goal shown in the 6th minute in this video

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Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 11/17/2009

Kley Parkhurst of Mc Lean, VA USA asks...

D1 takes the ball to the corner and shields it. D2 stands right behind D1. A1 comes over to try to get the ball, but is unable to reach it through D2 or D1. Impeding? D1 can clearly play the ball. D2 can possibly play the ball by reaching throug...

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Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 11/17/2009

Donald Driscoll of Vancouver, WA USA asks...

If a goalie steps outside of the box when kicking the ball is it an in-direct kick from the top of the arc for the other team or if not what is the correct call?...

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Law 14 - Penalty kick 11/16/2009

rishab kr of jalandhar, punjab India asks...

while a penalty kick is taken, if the penalty kick taker's teammate commits a foul by moving inside the penalty area before the kick is off, then will they be given another penalty kick?? If yes, is the team allowed to change the player who was takin...

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Law 5 - The Referee 7/17/2009

Timothy Mann of Akron, OH USA asks...

This is more of a comment than a question, but I believe the age is actually 45. I was doing some research on the great Pierluigi Collina, and he was offered the opportunity to receive an extension to referee a World Cup match at the age of 46, and ...

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Law 11 - Offside 7/17/2009

Ken of Geneva, NY 14456 asks...

We had a situation at a U18 game recently with a odd situation occured. On an indirect kick from midfield, team A(offense) kicked the ball towards team B (defense) and Team B player went to head the ball but instead of heading towards team A goal he...

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Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 7/17/2009

tony of Sydney, NSW Australia asks...

I am having difficulty with a legal charge not in playing distance of the ball.

In the ATR it says this is an indirect free kick.

However when I speak to assessors they say that this is very old and the laws changed in 97/98. The c...

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Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 7/16/2009

Brian Ronan of Bedford, Nova Scotia Canada asks...

Hello all and thanks in advance. I was at my youngest game last night enjoying being a spectator for a change and I'll add that they are considered a 'developmental' team so skill levels vary.

Our keeper made a save and picked up the ball...

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Law 5 - The Referee 7/15/2009

David of Corona, California USA asks...

I was center ref at a tournament game, when a fight broke out. I quickly ran to the two combatants with whistle blasting and broke it up. Gave the two girls that where throwing punches the appropriate red exit card. However, a senior ref that was o...

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