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Question Number: 12347

Fitness 3/12/2006

RE: Rec/Select Adult

Pete of Islip, N.Y. United States asks...

This question is a follow up to question 12164

Need some advice about fitness.

I am 49 yo. I recently purchased the book For the good of the game by Evans/Bellion and was training for the up comming season.
The training they have set up I believe is for a National Ref. I am trying to see if I am really that out of shape or maybe because of my age I just can not get to the specific times that they require.

For example in week 3 the training schedule calls for the following.
Day 1 3 - 400 m runs in 4 min with a 3 min recovery time during each run.

Day 3 4- 400m runs with 3 min rt between runs

Day 5 4 - 400m runs with 3 min rc between runs

Day 7 3 miles in < 24 m

As for the sprints I can usually get the 1st run in about 3m 45s and then every run after it usually adds between 12- 15sec on each run, so one the days i have to do 4 runs i end up with a time of approx 4m 25s
Also on day seven i can only make the 3 mile run in about 27.5 min

Also to let you guys know I had Surgery on both of my knees. Appreciate any advice offered


Answer provided by Referee Keith Contarino

watch your knees. I'm a former marathon runner and I've shot both of mine. An 800 meter run in 4 minutes sounds very easy but if it's not. Work your wal up slowly. Warm up 10 minutes and then stretch. Cool down and stretch afterwards. Take a rest day here and there adnget on a bike if you have to to save wear and tear on your knees. You should be able to stay on your feet and active with some sprinting for 45 minutes at a time if doing upper level games. I'm 54. When I passed the Grade 7 physical I was 52 and it was nothing. 30 lbs and 2 bad knees later, I could do the sprints but might falter at the 12 minute run.
Do this, 3 time a week, run for 12 minutes at a fairly easy pace. This will give you a goal. If you're only making 2.5 laps, you've got a problem!! I always supplement my workout with 5 sets of strides when I'm done. Basically, run at about 85-90% full speed for 35-45 seconds with long strides. Rest and when injured stop

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Answer provided by Referee Debbie Hoelscher

In addition to the great advice you have already been given, my suggestion is to get two excellent pairs of shoes. One pair to use when you run/workout. The other for refereeing. Invest in whatever shoe supplement (arch support, heal support, whatever) as well. I had reconstructive surgery on my R knee almost 15 years ago. I have successfully passed the national camp test several times. Unfortunately, I need to go in and have my left knee worked on. To stay in shape and prep for my surgery, I ride a bike, stair-step and weight train. These are all low-impact activities which keep my cardio fitness up as well as maintain muscle mass. I haven't been working out as well or as often as I should have been. As a result, I lost some muscle support which has probably led to my knee problem. Approach your fitness sessions like eating an elephant: one bite at a time! You will succeed. Good luck!!

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Answer provided by Referee Richard Dawson

Hi Pete.
4o0 meters in 4 minutes? I hope you mean 800. ;o)
400 in 75 seconds for sprints , 400 in 2 minutes
Swimming with weights on the ankles and excercising in the water takes a great deal of strain off the knees. Watch for inflamation and tenderness . What type of surgery? ACL , patella , tendons? For my joints I alternate a cold pack hot pack at 10 minutes on, 10 of,f 10 on 10 off
The key in efficent traing is do not over train. Eat correctly and sleep regularily. I recommend not mixing protiens and carbs as often as it is possible. Do not eat past 6 pm and try the 5 meals a day with 16 onces of water at each sitting for 1o cups per day with a quality breakfast high protien , snack fruit and veg , light lunch soups salads fish, snack crackers and cheese, and a fat free no sugar supper on 3 rest days and a pasta rice starchy supper on the work days. Consider Calorie intake and the work ratio required to to burn it off with accelerating your heart rate to 80% for two 1/2 hour sessions a day. While you burn fat after a cardio workout I find that two 1/2 hrs burns MORE fat than a single hour. If you eat well sleep well, move well and can laugh while you make love you are well!
Cheers Mate

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