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Question Number: 1664

Kicks From The Penalty mark

RE: Local Level (Semi-Final) Under 15

Chris of , asks...

Penalty Shoot Outs - I was assistant at a match the other night, and after the referee had gone, the fourth official, and the other assistant and I came up with the following queries from the penalty shoot-out:..1) In the depth of injury time during the second period of extra time, a substitution was made which the referee allowed, however, as the two players were shaking hands at the edge of the pitch, the referee blew for full-time. Both players were off the field of play, which player (if any) is allowed to take part in the penalty shoot out?..2) There was also a player receiving treatment when the final whistle blew, is he allowed to take part in the penalty shoot out...At this point, the referee decided that the team making the substitution, and the player receiving treatment were NOT allowed to take part in the penalty shoot out, and as this team had only 9 players anyway (two dismissed previously), this left 7 players...The referee then requested the team with 10 players (again with one dismissed) to remove three from the field of play to make 7 players per side, as per the Laws of the Game...3) The referee then (I think wrongly) tossed a coin TWICE, the winning team of the first toss deciding whether to take first or second kick, and the winner of the second toss choosing ends. Is the correct proceedure not one toss of the coin, and the winner takes first kick, and the referee chooses ends?..4) What role does the 4th official play in penalty shoot outs?..5) Is there a particular side of the goal the non-playing goalkeeper must take? The referee made the goalkeeper stand opposite me at the other side of the penalty area (outside the area, but still on the pitch)...Any comments to any of these questions welcome...Thank-you.

Answer provided by Referee miller

1) A substitution is not complete (i.e., the sub does not become a player until he enters the field of play (Law 3). The player being subbed for would, therefore, be the one eligible to take a kick. I can't imagine why the referee would forbid both of them to participate. 2)The player receiving treatment was, I assume, off the field with the referee's permission. He remains a player and may return at any time the referee waves him back on. There is no authority for the referee to forbid him from participating. 3) There is only one coin toss before Kicks from the Mark, etc. That is to decide what team kicks first. It is the referee's responsibility to decide at which end the kicks are taken, accounting for field condition, position of the sun, etc. 4) The 4th official has no specific function during this phase. 5)The keeper should stand behind the AR where the PA line meets the goal line. If he's on the other side (as in your game) the referee can't see him.

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Answer provided by Referee Gary Sebalja

1) You can nit pick all you want, but the offical was basically at fault he should have allowed the sub to finish before blowing the whistle, just one of the many reason why subs are made at stoppages(FIFA). So the on coming player should be the legal player...2) When recieving treatment this person is still a player and may resume the game during the penalty shoot out as that player has not been subbed....3) If this is the way he does it then fine, however the referee normally chooses which end. ie.for cameras, postion of spectators...4) No specified role...5) I've never being told anything specific about this but using common sense and expanding on Mr. Millers answer, it is the AR job to watch for the keeper stepping off the line and the ball crossing the line, they do not need the pressure of making sure the non-keeper interfers.

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Answer provided by Referee Victor Matheson

I would only add that the 4th official continues in his main capacity to "assist the referee as possible." The fourth official can assist in record keeping and should help to control the benches. He should also help ensure that no player illegally enter or exit the field following the final whistle for the game and during the kicks.

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Answer provided by Referee ref 11/18/2001

Thank you KIM.for taking the time to reply with some good advice...Pursuant to the 2000 FIFA amendments; the "Kicks from the Penalty Mark" section was changed by the addition of two paragraphs REQUIRING that the number of eligible players be equal. Suggest a note appended to this Q&A would be in order to avoid confusing refs both old and new who may not have noticed this change are informed accurately. Cheers...Kim Davies, Referee, British Columbia.

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