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Question Number: 19177

Kicks From The Penalty mark 5/23/2008

RE: Travel Under 14

Gwyn Williams of Bridgewater, NJ USA asks...

Having seen Christian Ronaldo "stutter step" while taking several PKs recently my questions are:
- what type of actions by the kicker that are meant to deceive the keeper are OK?
- what actions are definitely not OK?
- are there overall guidelines such as "kicker must keep moving forward"?
- if an illegal deception happens is it treated like any other attacking team PK infringement i.e retake if goal scored and IFK otherwise?

Answer provided by Referee Michelle Maloney

Had Ronaldo run past the ball and backed up, that would almost certainly have been unacceptable, but that is perhaps the only feint one can point at that is definitely out of bounds. Kickers are allowed a great degree of latitude in penalty kicks - almost as much as players at a regular free kick during the game. It is the referee's opinion that matters as to whether or not the feinting actions of the kicker are unsporting. If the decision is yes, they are unsporting, a caution will be issued. The restart depends on whether or not the ball entered the goal. In this case, since the ball struck by Ronaldo did not score and we are in the Kicks from the Mark phase, the referee needed to do nothing else, especially if he determined there was no USB. If it had scored, and if the referee had decided the action was unsporting, the kick would be retaken after the caution was issued. During the regulation play, behavior at the kick which is deemed unsporting will result in a caution and the restart will be an IDFK out if the ball does not go in the goal, and a retake if it does. The same kicker does not have to retake the kick.

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Answer provided by Referee Richard Dawson

Personally I had no issue with the way in which Ronaldo took his Pk. Coming to a hesitation stop in a stutter step is fine as it is permissible to feint at a PK. Nothing Ronaldo did was worthy of a caution or incorrect in law in my opinion. The method of taking a PK could be seen as USB only if the staggered stops were carried on for too long and or the player backed up to run again or carried his body/kick past the ball as in a step over or fake kick. You might have noticed how the keeper adapted his own style because he knew what Ronaldo wanted was a tell by the keeper to indicate which side of the goal he was going to. As the pk shot missed there is no retake provision. While it is in my opinion a reach to see this as cautionable each referee his match his decision his reputation! Cheers

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Answer provided by Referee Gil Weber

Well I have to disagree with Referee Dawson. Had I been the referee of this match and if, in my opinion, Ronaldo had taken a couple of **slow** steps toward the ball and stopped I might have been convinced that he was just repositioning himself for a shorter run up. And I'd have allowed the goal if scored.

However, in my never humble opinion, in this case Ronaldo clearly took quick steps -- he was going to kick until the unexpected happened. As he approaches the ball he stutter-steps, expecting Cech to dive one way or the other. Surprise! Cech stands his ground and Ronaldo is left there looking at Cech thinking to himself, "Dive one way or the other damnit!"

When Cech doesn't move Ronaldo realizes he's screwed, and he then makes a hash of the kick. Had it gone in, definitely a retake. No caution, but a retake.

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