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Question Number: 20103

The Technical Area 9/29/2008

RE: Rec soccer all levels Under 8

DeAnna Dunn of Solon, Ohio usa asks...

I am a Rec Soccer commissioner and have a question on coaching conduct and interaction between coaches.
We had an issue with two coaches continually throughout the game.
I am looking for rules on conduct of the coaches to one another as well as any Rules that relate to the coaches needing to stay on or in a certain area of the field while coaching. I have High School Refs and was even there throughout the game, but it was out of hand. Can you help me? Thanks

Answer provided by Referee Gary Voshol

I would suggest that you create what is known as a technical area, which is where the teams and coaches must stay (except for players on the field). It can be as simple as a stripe of paint a couple yards back from the sideline, and maybe 10 yards long. Paint separate areas for each team - either on opposite sides of the field, or on one side of the field separated by a break of 10-20 yards at midfield. The little bit of extra paint you will have to use will be well worth it.

Then confirm from your league that you are respecting the FIFA directive that coaches must stay inside the technical area. This will keep the coaches away from each other, and also will keep them from running up and down the length of the field.

Coaches must also behave in a responsible manner at all times. I don't know what your coaches were doing but it sounds like their interaction with each other was not responsible behavior. They may be warned once (optional), and if the behavior does not improve they will be dismissed from the field by the referee. That's a hard task for a youth referee to take with an adult coach - the refs must absolutely be backed up on their decisions. Since this is the equivalent of a red card for players, the coach would also be suspended for the next game. If it happens more than once in a season, I'd suggest that you as commissioner look for a new coach.

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Answer provided by Referee Keith Contarino

Sure. Coaches are to stay in their technical area. Unfortunately virtually no youth soccer leagues bother to line it but it should only extend a few feet all directions from the bench. More importantly, coaches are to behave in a professional and responsible manner. If your coaches were'out of hand' the referee should have dismissed them from the field. Too often, referees allow coaaches to behave like idiots and it ruins the game for everyone

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Answer provided by Referee Richard Dawson

Reasonable behavior a simple concept not always conducted simply is it?
My colleague REf Volshol is spot on a TECHNICAL area is necessary to limit these encounters and provide the referee a better way of controlling things if they do occur. Responsible behavior is the coaches remain inside these areas and conduct themselves with the necessary dignity and respect their kids and the game deserves/
The intimidation factor occurs because thee is no accountability for these coaches. If EVERY TIME they acted inappropriately they were shut down and if continued inappropriateness simply not allowed participating.
Yes I respect volunteers and know the sacrifices that many seemingly irritating people provide can outweigh their faults but it SHOULD NOT EXCUSE THEM!

The coaches who find reason to yell land scream rant and rave do little credit to the sport or themselves but the need for results place pressure on those participating to effect some sort of /reaction /action if things are not going well. Motivation and support by a holler rah rah guy or gal can be effective but as in all things limits and lines must be drawn
In the preseason, meet with everyone, codes of conduct, procedures to deal with such things need to be formulated, documented, distributed and very importantly UPHELD through out the season. Monitor, record, report, evaluate and fix as required but corrective actions speak volumes about the leagues accountability to the participants.

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