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Question Number: 22496

Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 11/11/2009

RE: Select Under 15

Larry Kapp of Middletown, PA USA asks...

I was the center. A ball deflected off a defensive player and towards the goalie when it appeared that it might've gone in the goal in the air, and then was knocked out by the goalie. I couldn't tell from my position, so I looked to my AR who gave no indication that he had seen a hairline goal. About 20 seconds later the ball was kicked out of bounds and my AR motioned for me to come over to talk to him. He said that the ball had gone in, but that he had not given me the proper signal. Since there was no restart yet, I counted the goal. It turned out to be the only goal of the game. Did I handle it properly?

Answer provided by Referee Michelle Maloney

Yes. You have until the next restart to correct any errors, and since there had been no restart yet, you're good.

I hope you fussed at the AR for his untimely failure to signal - it could have taken away a legitimate goal. And, such untimely response gives one legitimate reason to question any of his calls. Not a good thing...

Be sure and touch on such things in your pregame - forewarned is fair warned.

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Answer provided by Referee Gary Voshol

I had the same thing happen a few years back, except my AR didn't clarify that the ball had been across the line until several minutes and at least one restart later. I had to apologize to the coach, but there was nothing I could do about the score. The coach asked if the AR knew how to signal for the goal, and I replied, 'He does now!'

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Answer provided by Referee Joe McHugh

Hi Referee Kapp
Yes you handled this correctly in law. The big lesson here though is the lack of proper communication by the AR. This was probably the biggest decision in the game and the AR took some 20 seconds to convey that decision, which I expect caused a right furore. The AR should have been flagging furiously maybe even shouting when the ball crossed the goal line and then continued with the normal goal procedure of running quickly 25-30 yards along the touch line towards the halfway line. For the life of me I cannot understand that when you looked across why he did not give any indication of a goal?? His excuse of not giving the proper signal is pretty lame as he did not give any? Surely a flag is the least that he could do. What wouldhe have done if play went up the other end and there was a restart. This just not stack up to me.
Also this needs to be covered in your pre match instructions. I am very clear in my instructions on hairline goals. Unless the AR is 100% certain from a good position close to the goal line I don't want him/her calling a goal. If he/she is say 12/15 yards away from the goal line and the ball is in the air there is no real reference point for a proper judgement on a hairline unless it is on the ground over the goal line or there is absolutely no doubt (even the referee should see that) I don't want it called.

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Answer provided by Referee Dennis Wickham

I always cover this even with my ARs in the pregame. As you found, clear communication is essential. I'm pleased you were able to get the correct decision.

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Answer provided by Referee Nathan Lacy

Your application of the law was correct, as noted above. Correcting the error before the next restart was perfectly acceptable and appropriate. Well done. As for the AR, I would highly recommend that they refer to the procedure manual regarding the appropriate method to be used in such a situation and, as the referee, you should have covered it in your pregame as well - again as noted above. However, I do differ with one of my colleagues on the manner in which the AR should have indicated that it was a goal. Since the ball had left play for a goal (gone over the goal line between the uprights and under the crossbar) but then returned back into the FOP the appropriate thing for your AR to do would be to simply raise the flag to indicate that the ball was out of play. Believe me the whole world is going to let you know that the AR has his flag up. Once you gain eye contact with the AR the AR should then drop the flag and do the classic upfield sprint to indicate that it was a goal. Now it becomes a matter of sucking it up and taking the blame for missing the flag in the first place and ensuring that everyone understands that it was your bust for missing the flag but that it was in fact a good goal. Waving the flag furiously is really not recommended although I do understand the intent of the comment given above in terms of gaining the ref's attention. However, a waving flag indicates a foul and not ball out of play and, as the referee, I do tell my ARs that if I don't understand what your flag means (such as in you are using the wrong mechanic and therefore communicating a message that makes absolutely no sense to me) I'm going to ignore it. The flag is their means of communicating information to you and as such it is imperative that they use it properly to ensure that the proper information is communicated accurately. All the best,

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