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Question Number: 22711

Law 14 - Penalty kick 1/9/2010

RE: Select Adult

Mark Palmer of San Francisco, CA USA asks...

A player takes a penalty kick from the penalty spot. The keeper blocks the shot forward 10 feet and to the left of the goal. The play who took the kick beats all others to the ball, touches it once with the left foot, then shoos it into the back of the net with her right foot. No one else touches the ball.

The referee calls offsides.

Kids are shocked. Parents are in disbelief. Game ends, team loses.

Is this just a bad call that must be endured, or is there some way, given the facts as stated above, that the ref might have been correct in his call?

Answer provided by Referee Richard Dawson

Hi Mark,
Unfortunately if the situation occurred with the referee actually saying the stoppage was for offside then it appears your referee needs to refresh his knowledge immediately from the recertification tree of, 'Gee I forgot how the laws of the game apply!" hopefully coming soon to your area!

When the keeper saves the PK, he does right; you say block so this is not a rebound solely off the post or crossbar? If the keeper makes contact with the ball it frees up the PK shooter to play the ball again! If there was no physical contact of the ball by the keeper or any other player it would be an indfk violation on the part of the PK shooter for an illegal second touch not an offside!
IF a teammate encroached prior to the PK since the PK missed it could be an indfk out!
However, it is an impossibility for the PK shooter to be offside!

It is remotely possible, as in twilight zone dimensional theory that that a team mate of the pk shooter ran into the penalty area after the pk was taken but ran PAST the ball when it was shot with the right foot of the pk shooter with no 2nd last opponent was standing closer to the opposing goal line and inteferred with the keeper in someway!

You do make mention that the game ends? Are we sure this was not an extended PK in that time was over except for the kick to occur?
No follow up shot is permitted in extended time!

I only theorize what if as the parent's disbelief mirrors my own!
Ensure those that need to know, league, referee assignor, referee coordinator etc? are made aware of this referee's lack of knowledge so to fix the problem


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Answer provided by Referee Joe McHugh

Hi Mark
I believe that you could be mistaken in the assumption that it was an offside call. It is highly unlikely that a referee made that fundamental error in Law 11 and if an error was made it was more likely on Law 14. I can give you a number of genuine explanations of perhaps what the call could have been. One could be an infringement of Law 14 by the attackers and to do that there are three assumptions to be made in the scenario you describe which are
1. The goalkeeper did not move off his line until the ball was kicked (No mention)
2. That no defender entered the penalty area before the ball was kicked. (No mention)
3. It was not the final kick of the game.
If those assumptions were present and an attacker/s entered the penalty area before the kick was taken by their team mate, ahead of any defender (kicker beats all others to the ball), then the attacking side has solely infringed Law 14 and as the ball did not enter the goal the referee stops play and awards an indirect free kick from where the infringement took place that is where the attacker/s moved into the penalty area. To quote the relevant section of the Law
"'A team-mate of the player taking the kick infringes the Laws of the Game:
? the referee allows the kick to be taken
? if the ball enters the goal, the kick is retaken
? if the ball does not enter the goal, the referee stops play and the match is restarted with an indirect free kick to the defending team, from the place where the infringement occurred'"
This IDFK has the same arm raised signal as offside and I believe that it was not offside that was awarded but perhaps an infringement of Law 14.
I hope that helps although I suspect that as written there could also be an argument that there were defenders inside the PA as well before the kick? In that case the correct decision is a retake as both teams infringed Law 14. If the referee only saw the incursion by the attackers before the kick then that's what matters and the correct decision was made. There can be other infrigements of Law 14 by both sides but I have just taken from what you have described as a possible example of an infringement that could have happened.

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Answer provided by Referee Dennis Wickham

If the call was offside, it was a mistake.

As refs McHugh and Dawson note, there are other reasons why the referee could have stopped play as soon as the kicker touched the ball. 'Game ends' - from your post - - suggests that the referee ended the game immediately after the kick. If so, it meant that time had expired during the taking of the penalty kick. When that happens, the time is 'extended' to permit the kick to be taken, but after the momentum of the kick is spent (in the referee's opinion), the match is over. No one would get to kick the ball after the keeper made the save.

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Answer provided by Referee Debbie Hoelscher

The only time that a half is 'extended' (which is totally different than play during 'added' or 'stoppage' time) is for the taking of the penalty kick. It is the referee who decided when the kick has ended. There is guidance to help the referee make such a decision. When the kicker played the ball again, the momentum of the original kick ended as did the game (apparently). And the referee's decision is well within the LOTG.

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