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Question Number: 28662

Kicks From The Penalty mark 8/17/2014

RE: Competitive Under 15

Joe of NJ of Mount Holly, NJ USA asks...

In a game I witnessed today with Kicks From the Mark. The referee asked each coach to give him a list of his 5 shooters in order. Since when do you have to list the shooters in order? The one team asked to change their shooting order after 2 kicks and was told that they can't. I believe that you can change the order provided the new shooter is an eligible shooter (on the field at the end of the game) and has not taken a shot yet.

The last shooter (if he misses it's over, if he makes it, we continue). The shooter runs up to the ball and comes to a complete stop but does not touch the ball. The referee blows the whistle, declares the shot a miss and ends the game. Is this correct?

Answer provided by Referee Richard Dawson

Hi Joe,
I believe what you believe! Except the order thing is bogus.
it maybe in the competition bylaws of that particular league or perhaps there is a subsection in the USA high school laws that state this is a standard protocol. If it says you must then I guess you follow their directions, however, it is not a prerequisite of FIFA law. The only definite protocol under FIFA is all legal shooters must have a go, in any order, before any one of then can have a second try. The 11th shooter could be the 12th if he wanted to, then the other ten could step up in ANY order to have a 2nd try.

Sounds like a referee making some stuff up as it goes along! sigh The PK requires the ball to be kicked and moved forward. The referee might decide to caution the player for usb if he was fancy dancing beyond a reasonable feint but the referee has no authority to declare a non attempt a miss! The Pk must occur. By law EQUAL Opportunity to score, the chance to score must be allowed!
Protest the result is my advice!

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Answer provided by Referee Joe McHugh

Hi Joe
The penalty kick list is a myth that has developed in the game. However if it is part of the competition rules then the referee is obliged to use it. I doubt if it is a completion rule here.
I do recall in the 2009 season in the English Charity Shield Final Referee Chris Foy would not allow Chelsea to change the order of kickers given to him. He would not allow Deco 20 to take the 4th kick and possible winning kick as Kalou had been nominated as 4th kicker on his list. See video
I never did get an official explanation of the reason. The interesting bit is that after 5 kicks there is no continuation of the list and no order. Also as kicks proceed the order can be changed provided every player has taken a kick.
What I have found with experience is that the listing does bring order to the kicks and it focusses the team into an orderly system. What is not needed is teams deciding on every single kick who will take one. It also helps coaches to get agreement from the players as to who will kick and in what order before kicks begin.
Now in the 2nd part the referee made an error in Law. The player should have been perhaps cautioned for his action or a strong word but as the kick was not taken and not missed the kick has to be taken. if its the kickers 2nd caution he is dismissed and replaced by another kicker.
The final comment I would make is that Law 14 and Kicks from the Penalty Mark are the most common area for referees to make an error in Law. It is not a matter of opinion but rather black and white application of the Law.

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Answer provided by Referee Dennis Wickham

There is no requirement in the laws of the game that the coach provide a list of 5 kickers to the referee. It sounds like the referee was misapplying a high school or college rule (in which the team designates the first five kickers - although those rules do not require a list or an order of kicking for the five).

The referee also erred in the last kick. The kicker clearly violated law 14. ( Although feints are allowed on the run up, once the kicker reaches the ball, the kicker must kick the ball.) But, the referee erred in blowing the whistle. The referee should have allowed the kick to proceed. If it misses, the kick counts. If it scores a goal, it is retaken. Either way the kicker should be cautioned.

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Answer provided by Referee Gene Nagy

I started reffing in the 70s. We regularly asked for lists of the first five shooters and always got them. But in fact it was never part of the Laws to provide a list. It was simply a custom and people did it. This custom has faded and it is generally not done.
If there is a rule in Mount Holly that requires that a list be made out for shooters from the penalty mark to decide the outcome of a game, then so be it. But I doubt there is....
The ref erred. He should allow the player to take the kick. The requirement is that he kick the ball FORWARD. Well, he hasn't kicked the ball yet so how could it be chalked up as a miss?
Feinting as in a stutter step is allowed, stopping is not.

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