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Question Number: 28829

Law 18 - Common Sense 10/8/2014

RE: Select Under 13

Zach of Eagan, MN US asks...

This question is a follow up to question 28822

Thank you for the answers to my questions all. It was a very confusing play/referee decision, and you all helped clear it up for me. I think what made me most confused was that my player didn't even get a card. I do know the rule that a foul that DOGSO can result in a red card and thought that if a PK was being awarded a red card would have been given as well. I didn't understand how one could be given without the other. At the time I didn't say anything to the referee because I was only about 90% sure that a foul outside the box cannot turn into a PK even if it was a case of a foul that denied an obvious opportunity. I never like to complain to an official unless I am 100% sure that I'm correct. Now I am 100% sure. Thanks!

Answer provided by Referee Joe McHugh

Hi Zack
Your welcome. Just to make certain. Many penalty kicks can be awarded with no card as there may not be a goal scoring opportunity. The foul may just be a simple foul with no unsporting dimension.

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Answer provided by Referee Richard Dawson

Hi Zack,
thanks for the kind words we are of course glad to be of assistance. Even at 100%, no reason to complain, just relay information in a calm manner and see what the result is before you start screaming lol

ANY DFK foul inside ones own Penalty area is ALWAYS a PK but not necessarily a yellow or red card event. The additional misconduct to a foul is usually if it is reckless or excessive but in DOGSO it is the unfair act itself which denies the goal or the great scoring opportunity that is additionally being punished.

As my good colleague Ref McHugh endeavors to point out, DOGSO is a criteria based, red card send off event , that is a separate entity to the actual foul! When a foul occurs, of whatever type that prevents a great opportunity to score or denies an actual goal this is when a possible DOGSO situation is evaluated. It may be inside or outside the penalty area it can be a dfk or even an indfk that causes the criteria to be looked at that could add a send off to the free kick event.

This next topic is a tad controversial
It maybe the referee in your match felt the made up pk was sufficient to offset the dogso instead of awarding a dfk outside and a red card forcing him to send off your player. Creative refereeing can be both a boon and a curse. You are playing to raise money for the hospital in a charity event sending people off for dogso not such a great concept, so you might fudge a rule or two but if you are playing competitively to get to a championship or a regional or national title then dogso send offs must apply.

If the leagues are against the punishment or referees wish to alter the LOTG then they need to get it straight in the bylaws so those who are of a different mindset are not screaming at the referee who are trying to follow the LOTG.

One recent league change considered in a youth school division alters the dogso status to sitting out that game only and if on the resulting free kick or pk a goal is scored off that free kick, then the red card is rescinded and he can rejoin play. There is even talk of not reducing the team by a player only sitting the player that did the deed! Or playing short until the other team scores then going back to even. FIFA will be frothing at the mouth but more and more youth matches are being altered to fit their needs not professional status.


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