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Question Number: 29007

Law 7 - Match Duration 11/24/2014

RE: copetitive Under 16

Darin of coeurdalene, id usa asks...

The ref may change a decision 'provided that he has not restarted play or terminated the match'. (quote from 2013-14 laws of the game)

I understand the restart part, i.e. calling back a goal after realizing there was an offside. Provided the game wasn't restarted. My question is on the termination part. Here is what happened.

In the pre-tournament ref meeting it was made clear not to ad any time. 'even if the ball is in the air, blow the whistle'.
I was the AR and the center ref allowed about 30 seconds to let the play finish out. The white team scored. The ref then called the end of the game. I asked the center if he 'added time'. He said 'yes, I always let play finish'
When I told him the tournament rules he told me he did not attend the earlier meeting.

So the question is, can and/or should he call back the goal?


Resending this AGAIN let us know if you got it???

Answer provided by Referee Joe McHugh

Hi Darin
As play was allowed to continue and the game had not been terminated the referee could not call back the goal. Now the referee made a timing error. His only option would have been to report the timing error but that is extremely unlikely as most tournament organisers would prefer not to have to deal with such a situation and many would see seconds to finish out play as trifling even in a fixed time game.
Put it another way. He would also have been in error to disallow the goal had he done so.
I would also make the comment that fixing game time so rigidly without discretion is unhelpful. If the ball is in the air destined for the goal it is not in the spirit of the game to end it at that exact moment. It does not happen normally in most games so why do something that is contrary to accepted norms.

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Answer provided by Referee James Sowa


The referee has added the time, a goal was scored, and the match was terminated. Nothing can be done after that point BY THE REFEREE. If the tournament had spelled out in its rules of competition that there was to be no added time and the team could prove that time had elapsed, this may be grounds for a protest. That said, I understand tournaments are moneymakers but I stay far away from tournaments that do not allow added time.

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Answer provided by Referee Richard Dawson

Hi Darin,
in my opinion no, the goal stands I would not bring it back as it were!!
I am not a big fan of ROC changes to fundamental referee duties . If the time frame to get games in and field use is so tight then start and end all matches with a clock and horn signal so no deviation is possible. These changes should be POSTED for ALL to see, not briefly discussed at a single meeting.

It is as unfair to extend a match as it is to shorten a match so whistling for a stoppage once time is completed is certainly indicated within the LOTG. We do not punish a team that has defended well to suffer by allowing an attack to go on and on , but rather allow natural play to run its course. Paying attention to the actual circumstances surrounding the end of the match. Time is indeed relative and rarely to the microsecond!

That said if time is at the discretion of the official and he says, that's all folks, then unless there is some other monitoring system in play there will not be recourse to appeal. Even under the actual LOTG if a match is ended TOO soon it can be rectified to some extent but once it is extended too far, the referee can only report the circumstances and whether tournament officials want to crack this nutter open, is debateable at best!

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