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Question Number: 29017

Law 7 - Match Duration 11/30/2014

RE: competive Under 17

k gerrard of warrington, cheshire asks...

Under 16s game one team winning 3 - 1 and only 3 minutes left of game a two footed tackle happens next to touchline ref doesn't give foul player badly hurt stops game gets abuse from manger dealing with injured lad told manger to leave field as he was sending him off manger told ref he would go when he had delt with injured lad ref abandoned game with 3 minutes left should result stand

Answer provided by Referee Dennis Wickham

When a match is abandoned, the league/tournament decides what happens next. The answer is not covered by the laws of the game, and can vary by the league. The league has a number of options, including score stands; forfeit by the team whose manager/coach caused the match to be abandoned; replay the match; fines, etc.

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Answer provided by Referee Joe McHugh

The matter will be decided by the disciplinary committee of the league based on the competition rules.
Generally when a team causes the game to be abandoned the League rules against that team on the basis that a team causing an abandonment should not benefit from that with a replay. One of the main factors that will be taken into account will be the time that has elapsed in the game.
I would suspect that with three minutes left there is every possibility that the result will stand.
However in the absence of a completion rule the Laws state that an abandoned match is replayed.

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Answer provided by Referee Gary Voshol

The ref didn't handle this very well. Regardless if he missed a foul or not, the manager should be allowed to stay long enough to be sure the player gets treatment. A better way would have been to tell the manager, 'Sir, you are being dismissed. See that your player gets treatment, and then you leave. And anything else that you may want to say will be included in my report.' Then the referee should move away from the injured player. If the manager leaves the player to come and continue arguing, then the ref would be right to dismiss him immediately. And then would be correct to abandon the game if the manager suddenly remembers the hurt player and refuses to leave. He wasn't attending to the player, he was arguing.

That said, most leagues have procedures in their Rules of Competition to decide what happens to an abandoned game. Typically the team that caused the abandonment forfeits the match. However, if the RoC does not address it, we are left to Law 7: ' An abandoned match is replayed unless the competition rules provide otherwise.'

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Answer provided by Referee Richard Dawson

Hi there Mr. Gerrard,

As I often say to those who supply us with a situation that seems incomplete And now for the REST of the STORY??
The facts here seem to be awash with Why, WHy, WHY?? would a referee feel so threatened as to abandon a match with 3 minutes left??

Be it real or perceived it is irritating if we believe the referee missed a foul and the injured player receives no reward for taking one for the team so to speak! Generally a wise referee, if he senses the dissent has more to do with perceived injustice because the opponent is injured and no call was made we close our ears slightly!

To be aware that it is emotional rhetoric not necessarily calculated insulting behaviour we can remove ourselves from the situation to avoid the serious abuse that could require the removal of the manager who is attending an injured player.

That said if the manager is forcing the action by not really attending to the player but more in confronting the referee for lack of a call then a expulsion may indeed be required! I have difficulty thinking the manager attending to the player and then leaving is somehow a threat to the referee? Perhaps there are no adults present to carry on the team management given this is a u-17 team once he was ordered to exit the FOP? Or he has inflamed those in attendance to join in and abuse the referee for his perceived mistake?? I suppose the why now is irrelevant, given the match was abandoned! All that the referee can now do is file the match report and present his side of the equation when or if a meeting is requested

The LOTG state an abandoned match is replayed unless the competition rules provide otherwise. So depending on what bylaws or how the disciplinary committee interprets the rules of competition they may well consider the match concluded. If there is an error in LOTG application perhaps they could order a replay.

Sad state of affairs really but points to why confrontation is always a bad idea no matter the righteousness of your opinion!

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