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Question Number: 29065

Law 15 - Throw In 12/21/2014

RE: Rec Under 13

Jimmy Kalert of Carbondale, IL USA asks...

This question is a follow up to question 29061

Thank you guys, Forgot to mention there was a penalty kick awarded to the opposing team for this. I have friends who are parents on the opposing team that had a better view of the play and they have disagreed with their coach and informed him but it is what it is. I have known this coach for 6 years and he's been like this for all of them.

Thanks again and have a safe and happy holiday season!

Answer provided by Referee Richard Dawson

Hi Jimmy,
Since you are not writing in as a referee I will forgive the exclusion of that very important fact. As I often say though to referees, "And NOW for the REST of the story?" It is important when detailing events unseen that all data explaining any situation leaves no doubt in the readers' mind as to what occurred on the field!
A PK was awarded but it was dealt with as only a careless foul?
That does change the perception!
So is it the lack of a red card that seems to be at the centre of this coach's anger centre? Does he still believe the foul was one of reckless or excessive force or was it the DOGSO that motivates his resentment?? Again we have no way of knowing without seeing but my observation of attitude and accountability still apply, the coach needs some adjustment to the irrelative centres of the brain. It is unfortunate that some participants just find ways to take the Fun out of youth soccer by their incessant irritability! I will add there are times when I coach I also hold the opinion the referee failed to award a caution or a send-off as required. I too get irritated just rarely stay that way.
A very Merry Christmas to you and to him as well. Sounds like he could use some cheering up!

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Answer provided by Referee Joe McHugh

Hi Jimmy
Well that changes the original question. I had understood when you said that there was no intentional foul that the referee did not award a free kick or a penalty kick. What I now understand from your clarification that there was a foul and that the question was around whether the player who committed the foul should have been sent off and ejected from the game.
Well as the foul did not use excessive force in the challenge the referee deemed that it was not serious foul play so we can rule that out. I suspect that the coach felt that the player should have been ejected for denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity. For that to happen four conditions have to be met which are know as the four Ds
# the Distance between the offence and the goal
# the likelihood of keeping or gaining control of the ball (distance to the ball)
# the Direction of the play
# the location and number of Defenders.
If any one the four conditions is not present then it simply becomes a foul for which the player may be cautioned for unsporting behaviour.
From your limited description we can assume that two conditions were present which is distance to the goal and distance to the ball. Were there other defender present that could also challenge for the ball and was the attacking player going towards goal or away at an angle perhaps.
I would also remark that referee at lower age groups increase the threshold for all the conditions being present and also perhaps adopt a more generous approach to the player where only cynical, deliberate fouls are punished with the dismissal rather than a genuine attempt to play the ball which goes wrong and where there is a doubt on a condition. I have in the past given underage players the benefit of doubt on possible DOGSO decisions based on the fact that the situation was debateable when one takes into account skill levels etc

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