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Question Number: 29302

Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 4/12/2015

RE: Intermediate Under 13

Phil of Tarzana, CA United States asks...

Windy day question. GK takes a goal kick & the ball leaves the penalty area. As the wind blows it back toward the goal, an attacker chases it into the penalty area. Attacker did not enter the penalty area until after the ball left the area, so his actions are proper. Seeing that the attacker will get to the ball before it enters the goal, GK does one of three things:
1. kicks the ball away, preventing the attacker from scoring;
2. picks the ball up with his hands;
3. shields the ball while the GK is within playing distance of the ball, so that the ball enters the goal untouched.

Here are my questions:
In the first scenario, I know that there is a 2nd touch violation that can result in an IDFK. But, can the GK be red carded for DOGSO if you believe that the attacker had an obvious goal scoring opportunity, as it seems that all conditions are met?

What would happen in scenario 2, as Law 12 specifically says that a GK can't be sent off for deliberate handling inside his own penalty area? (I know that there would still be a IDFK restart).

What would happen in scenario 3, as there is no 2nd touch violation?

Thanks in advance.

Answer provided by Referee Richard Dawson

Hi Phil ,
you can not score on yourself on ANY free kick!

Hence preventing a goal as a second touch violation on a free kick he has taken, DOGSO can not apply if you stop the ball from entering the goal..

I do not think DOGSO criteria could apply on the kick given the circumstances. Nor is the keepers use of his hands a DOGSO possibility, as the LOTG prohibit such an event.

So the kick away or the grab of the ball are at best an indfk .

Mind you if the ball was to deflect or fall favourably after the kick or handling, advantage could be applied.

Interesting as the shielding idea is, if the keeper CAN NOT legally play the ball a second time then it must be an impeding offence . If he actually was to physically contact the opponent, possibly turning it into a DFK as a PK possibility, this could be the worse outcome! I have some reservations but this could qualify as DOGSO! I also think if while blocking the attacker the ball crossed into the goal for a corner kick. Would I let that slide or think the INDFK in front of goal as a greater possibility?

Because an opponent is involved it would be difficult to see these as doubtful or trifling but stranger things have happened on a soccer pitch!


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Answer provided by Referee Joe McHugh

Hi Phil
On your question I am of the the following opinions
1. As the GK has been able to kick the ball away the DOGSO will fail on Distance to the ball condition, the likelihood of the attacker keeping or gaining control of the ball .
2. The Laws specifically state that the GK cannot be guilty of any misconduct for using his hands to touch the ball inside the penalty area. So a DOGSO does not apply
3. This scenario is somewhat more difficult in that the GK could double touch the ball which is an IDFK offence. Now whether to chose to shield the ball changes anything I don't believe that it does as again distance to the ball is the factor that had to be considered. Perhaps if the GK was to hold the attacker from getting to the ball then the referee could consider a DOGSO. I think in reality the ball will enter the goal and unless there was a blatant foul by the GK I think most referees would go with the corner kick.

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Answer provided by Referee Gene Nagy


This problem should never have arisen at all. It was clearly caused by the referee's negligence in the first place. How so
? Well, he should not have allowed the game to be played in a hurricane! I mean how else would a ball kicked at least 12 yards be able to be blown back another 18 yards?
But on the premise that anything is possible, here are my thoughts on your three questions
1. If the goalie kicks or handles the ball in this situation it results in IDFK. It would be highly unlikely that it would qualify as DOGSO because the attacker could not have had control of the ball. Still, it is possible and DOGSO may come in play. I agree with you that the conditions as written in Interpretation and Guidelines could be met.
2. I believe that deliberately handling ball refers to a hand ball foul and the Law just states that goalies cannot be charged with hand ball. However, they can still be penalized for doing that under playing the ball twice before it was touched by another player. So he would not be 'handling the ball' but for playing it twice.
3. The question here is can a player shield a ball, who would be penalized if he played it? Hmmmm, I would think not. So, IDFK for impeding and DOGSO. This is a theoretical answer. In practice, no. Most likely a corner would be given.

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