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Question Number: 29504

Law 18 - Common Sense 6/27/2015

RE: College

Andrew of Atlanta, GA USA asks...

Once the ref blows his whistle for the kicker to start the penalty kick (not the offense, but when everyone is lined up for the kick), how much time can pass before the kicker must kick the goal?

Answer provided by Referee Jason Wright

Hi Andrew,

There's no specified amount of time, but if the kicker is guilty of Delaying the Restart of Play he should be cautioned. If so, his team still has the Penalty Kick.

So, like at any other restart, this is a judgement call by the referee on 'how long is too long'.

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Answer provided by Referee Richard Dawson

Hi Andrew,
once the referee has signalled to go ahead and restart be it at a PK or any restart it is reasonable to think of it in the same light as keeper distribution protocols about 6 seconds then we start to wonder WTH? It is of course ITOOTR but taking too long to waste time tends to bother me as I see far too much of if on free kicks, throw ins as they delay, delay, delay. I swear we lose 10 to 15 more minutes then we ever used to in matches

I recall a free kick incident in which I set the wall back and signalled . The kicker apparently was having an argument with the coach , then his team mates about the kick in his own language , I know because initially I had asked one of his team mates 'What's the hold up?) so I said, ' Lets get going!' then, after a FAIR bit of time I piped up in English, 'Unless you are discussing the birth of your son at the hospital in lieu of you playing here get play restarted. NOW! He started a run then stopped and started yammering away as he was being yelled at off the bench. I had enough, I whistled ran over showed the yellow card cautioning him for delaying the restart and stated very clearly, Just kick the bloody thing! He was pointing at his bench saying they were confusing him. it wasn't his fault. But chastised AND UPSET he took a strong run and hammered a beautiful, powerful kick and it SCREAMED its way into the top corner from 40 yds. out to go up 2 to 0. He was stunned and then we had a laugh as I said, 'See you should listen to me not them.' pointing to the touchlines He could only nod in agreement ! lol

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Answer provided by Referee Joe McHugh

Hi Andrew
It is not specified in Law 14 yet it is expected with all the condition in place for the whistle to sound in the first place that it should happen almost immediately. I see no reason for any delay as the ball is on the mark, the kicker has been nominated, the goalkeeper is on the line and all other players are outside the penalty area. Now it can unfortunately take some time to get to that whistle yet when it does sound the kick should proceed immediately.
If the kicker delays then he can be cautioned for delaying the restart of play. that though is very rare and I have not encountered it. I have seen plenty of shenanigans before the whistle such as gamesmanship which the referee must deal with which can include questioning the ball position, verbals, goalkeeper not retreating to the goal line etc. Never have I encountered a kicker not taking the kick when signalled to do so.

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Answer provided by Referee Ben Mueller

There is no set limit here. If the referee feels that it is taking too long then he can caution the kicker for delaying restart of play. The referee will allow the kick to proceed regardless. If the kick is made, then a caution and rekick is administered. If the kick is missed, then the kicker is cautioned and the defending team is awarded an IFK at the spot of the misconduct (in this case would be the penalty mark)

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