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Question Number: 29532

Law 5 - The Referee 7/13/2015

RE: World cup Professional

M Monce of Lebanon, CT USA asks...

This question is a follow up to question 29525

Just some follow up info on the controversial US vs Germany PK. I was at the game and seated behind the US goal on the lower level and to the side that the attack occurred. In other words I had great view of the play; I was literally 20 yds away. After the whistle, my family immediately turned to me and asked was that really a PK?. Being a US fan, I reluctantly agreed it was. As you all stated the play happened very fast, and from my perspective, and from the ref's, a yellow seemed to be justified, and not a red. However, after returning home and viewing the play many times in video replay, I can see how a DOGSO might have been justified. Morgan being sent off, and Sasic making the PK...a whole different tournament perhaps. While the ref MAY have made technically the wrong decision, it just points out how difficult it is for us refs to make such judgements in close situations in real time. My fantasy is get everyone who is hyper critical of refs a whistle and 15 minutes on the pitch reffing.

Answer provided by Referee Joe McHugh

Thanks for your contribution. It was certainly a penalty and that part of getting the call correct was somewhat missed by commentators or that the referee was given credit for that. The part that attracted the focus was the no sending off decision and that was in my opinion due to the speed of play, The referee being somewhat out of position and the way the players moved just after the whistle contributed to that.
As you rightly point out it is easy from the comfort of an armchair with multiple cameras, slow motion replays etc. Not so easy in the heat of a game as shown here. This experienced official knew only too well the DOGSO sending off criteria. She also knew that lack of certainty exposed her to much criticism should she get it wrong.

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Answer provided by Referee Ben Mueller

I agree with my colleagues. Should have been a DOGSO and a send off. The referees failure to recognize this turned the game around.

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Answer provided by Referee Richard Dawson

Hi M,
seriously you say ... might have been justified? There is NO DOUBT it was a 100% DOGSO no might about it!

I understand as an official we make mistakes, as I often point out a referee with integrity see what they see even if we see it different. These mistakes though are huge, CMI calibre, not an iffy, was it or was it not midfield clip. This match is, in my humble opinion, a textbook case for considering TV review! The post game review of this match would not be pretty and some hard looks at actions taken or not taken

When the USA defender was not sent off I was livid as it was ...CLEARLY... in my opinion, an easier call to make, than the very real attempt to stop the ball by the Columbian keeper's which resulted in a send-off in the earlier match. In that match the CR had the courage to make the call, in the USA versus GERMANY the CR and AR outright missed a CMI, (critical match incident) that DOGSO miss is on them ,no matter their rational or positioning . The missed PK is on the GERMANS, as a goal brings the game into a different dimension. Then playing a man down does as well, still I do not fault the USA of making the most of their opportunities

Later the PK awarded against the Germans was another difficult situation for me to get a grip with as it was, in my opinion a DFK outside, although I can at least comprehend why it could be seen as as a PK inside the PA. USA to their credit took advantage and scored. I can not say I could or would do better but I was not impressed with the match officials in the USA Germany match. Not that what I think or might choose to do, means anything.

Perhaps as a biased CANADIAN fan, player, coach and referee I resented our woman never made it as far despite their efforts to do so. Most opinions have elements of bias no matter how fair or insightful one might care to interpret in any given situation or how well intentioned or accurate the constructive criticism is perceived. Plus a USA Canada final would have been far more exciting lol


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