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Question Number: 29889

Mechanics 11/4/2015

RE: Competitive High School

Jia Jian Tin of Clovis, California USA asks...

I was referee a two man system and the other referee did this. A defender commits a yellow card offence (it was a counter-attacking move, he pulls the shirt of the attacker and they both fell down but the attacker got up and still has the ball), I yell play on. The defender gets up runs a little and slides in and brings the attack down again. This was around the half way line and the defender was last man but 2 other defenders were definitely able to cover if the attacker got up.

So to me it was 2 yellow card offence. The other referee blew his whistle and red card the defender. Obviously the parents and coaches went bananas about it because he wasn't last man etc.

But it was 2 booked offence. Was handing out a red directly the right thing to do? Or should the ref have shown a yellow, lower it and then show it again before the red?

Answer provided by Referee Joe McHugh

As described the correct decision was two cautions. One for the shirt pull and then for the second offence of a tactical foul. Now the double caution situation is rare and most spectators would not be familiar with this.
Now I am unclear if your colleague thought it was a straight red card offence or a two caution offence. Both are very different even though they have the same outcome. If it was two cautions then the card is shown twice in two very distinct displays followed by the red card.
Here is an example
Some suggest that the second offence should have been a straight red card for serious foul play. If the referee had shown a straight red card there it would have been for serious foul play not two cautions

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Answer provided by Referee Richard Dawson

Hi Jia Jian Tin,

The correct mechanic here is to show two yellow cards! Display the first one pointing to the Shirt pull foul location maybe even demonstrate it ala ESSE in 98 WC! Mention is was for USB to the # name of player Put the card back down at your side now point to the spot of the 2nd foul and raise the card up and over the head stating it was for the reckless slide tackle to the # name of player . Now put away the yellow card. (We have not finished the # name of player ) Next reach back and pull out and display the RED card stating this if for receiving 2 cautions in the match the # name of player send him off on the red Sleigh of shame off he go go goes reducing his team by a player !

A couple of suggestions. When a foul is CAUTIONABLE it is risky applying advantage! You need to be aware if he was on a caution because now he could become a loose cannon given he is due to be sent off and can only create misconduct as play continues. In your case, this was a 1st caution via the shirt pull so you are aware and have applied advantage. A short 'Your in the book Number # ' Or( Number # talk to you shortly)! I generally slap my front shirt pocket and point at him. ( I keep my yellow card front shirt pocket, my red in back right shorts pocket.) This will alert your partner on the pitch or your ARs on the touchline this guy is marked for a yellow . The fact the advantage was successful in it created a further attack which the defender reckless challenged again. Now your partner knows you tagged him for yellow and he holds this slide as a 2nd yellow he should show 2 yellows and then red as explained. To go to straight red it will look like that tackle was adjudged as a straight red SFP or DOGSO was applied.
In applying advantage I yell out ADVANTAGE and show the arm sweep. Once advantage is realized I call out PLAY ON! and drop the arms. It is unusual to be the dealer of a dual set of fouls in quick succession but certainly doable. I find that if I let the guy know he is on thin ice he skates a bit wider rather than risk heavy contact.

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