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Question Number: 29924

Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 11/16/2015

RE: spectator Adult

michael griffin of whitstable, kent United Kingdom asks...

when a corner is about to be taken,,,the players are actually holding and pushing one another.
this happens in every game.
why dosent any referee have tha balls to give a penalty kick.?
it seems to be an accepted part of the game now.
i have been watching football for 55 years now,and i used to be an amateur footballer.
these shenanagans never occured years ago.
its fast putting me right off the game.

Answer provided by Referee Joe McHugh

Good point and the shenanigans as you said have become the bane of the modern game. I too see this as plague that the modern game has tolerated for too long. The challenge has been and continues to be is that if single referees step outside the *norm* with the award of multiple penalties he will be berated for doing so. No one wants to be the lone person on a crusade dealing with it.
When it has been suggested the general comments from the media, managers etc is
Oh it will result in multiple penalties
Both players are guilty of offences
Have a look at this decision
Marcus Merck the German Referee made the decision to award the penalty her for a hold by Green on Red. I suspect the decision may have been prompted by UEFAs directive to its senior referees on the desire to remove holding at free kicks, corners which was introduced that year at a seminar in Nyon.
I also think that the situation is not helped by UEFA's advice which I quote
** Referees should be pro-active prior to play re-starting at a corner kick or free kick and they should be clearly seen to take preventive action. Conflict can be avoided by taking early preventative action e.g. when players are jostling for positions in or near the penalty area.
Players identified should be isolated and given a clear public warning. Where possible referees should use their assistants to ensure the ball does not enter the field of play until he gives a signal for the game to be re-started.**
We don't tell players not to foul in other situations so unless there is violent conduct I believe referees should allow play to continue and punish the first offence whatever that may be.

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Answer provided by Referee Richard Dawson

Hi Michael,
can not say I disagree. Another aspect of the modern game that irritates me as well is the use of foam on free kicks . The lack of disrespect for distance and for the authority of the referee to give a clear command and have it obeyed as a part of normal fair play. This lack of respect is stretched over the emotive disconnects of over paid pampered elite players, political and nationalist interests for outcomes and advancements within the dynamics of globalization of of businesses interests and money. Thus the state of the beautiful game. A referee who tries to apply the LOTG in a match where those playing and watching really do not want his participation.

Trying to hold the referee accountable for churlish or offensive behaviour of grown men on a soccer pitch is no longer about the duties so much as the obligations to revenue streams and power vacuums within the various organization who control this massive wealth machine. A referee with integrity sees what he sees but he is also told do it this way and that way by more than just his conscience.

There is NO correlation between the global game at the recreational level and pro in either expectations or finances. It is far easier in my opinion to referee, amateur competitive, recreational or grassroots than elite national or pro football because we answer to our own sense of fair play.

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