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Question Number: 30089

Kicks From The Penalty mark 2/7/2016

RE: Rec Under 17

Pam Smith of Edmonton, Alberta Canada asks...

This question is a follow up to question 21955

Technically under the Law, could each player in a tie-breaker shootout shoot before the whistle? Thus forcing the keeper to field 2 shots per player? Why use the whistle if the whistle doesn't mean much?
Thank you, Pam

Answer provided by Referee Jason Wright

Hi Pam,

It wouldn't make a difference how many players from each team take a shot before the whistle - there's no advantage in doing so as each shot would need to be retaken, regardless of the outcome.

I disagree with your statement that the whistle doesn't mean much - the whistle means everything here, as without it, there's no 'actual' kick - anything the players are doing doesn't count.

The referee could caution players here, if he believes they're taking the 'early' shot deliberate for some reason or to try and wrangle some sort of benefit from doing so.

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Answer provided by Referee Richard Dawson

Hi Pam,
oh it DOES matter!
as my colleague Ref Wright had indicated it is MANDATORY a referee signal the restart with a whistle to CLEARLY identify the kicker and the fact he PK can now be taken. If a referee is remiss in his duties to not do so it could create ugly situations. The referee should get eye contact with the PK kicker while showing him the whistle stating 'You do not go UNTIL this signals you can !' Get the, YES sir, or nod that he understands BEFORE you hand him the ball to place on the PK spot' I also raise the whistle above my head and shout to all WE WAIT for this understood? NO encroachment!

If the PK shooters are pounding a freebie at the keeper ahead of the whistle they are acting with misconduct and could be sanctioned for delaying the restart. The result of the pk whether the keeper saved it or it missed or it entered the goal mean nothing as it will not count as PLAY is not yet correctly restarted. However such an action could create danger to an unaware keeper or cause him to needlessly be hurt trying to save or stop a non countable action by the kicker. I will show a yellow card to ANY PK kicker who jumps my whistle because it is an impossibility he is not aware of my instructions whether he is aware the lotg or not. In over 40 years of officiating I have never had a PK kicker go early


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Answer provided by Referee Joe McHugh

Hi Pam
A penalty kick cannot be taken before the whistle so any kick taken early before the whistle will always be a retake. The reason for the whistle is to ensure that everything is in order so that both the kicker and the goalkeeper have an equal fair chance. The goalkeeper has to be ready on the line and he cannot be well forward narrowing the angle making it more difficult for the kicker. Similarly the kicker cannot just take the kick when the GK is not ready.
So yes a team could technically endeavour that every kick is taken twice by taking the kicks before the whistle. The reasons why it does not happen is that it then requires the kickers to make another decision on the retakes. Do they go to the same side or change? Has the player given away her direction of kick preference.
Also referees pay close attention here to the mechanics and instructions. I ask both GKs before the KFTPM to move to the line smartly and not to engage in gamesmanship. I also whistle smartly when all the conditions are correct. I have on occasions stood in front if the ball so as to mange the kick, moving the GK back and preventing the kick. If a player has gone early with a retake required I will advise the next kicker to clearly wait for the whistle. Any effort to disregard that instruction can result in sanction such as a caution.

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