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Question Number: 30131

Kicks From The Penalty mark 2/21/2016

RE: Competitive Adult

Arron mccarthy of Bolton , England asks...

The game went to penalties. It was 6-6 and home team player stepped up to take a penalty after he took the penalty and scored the player who took the or was a sub and was not on the field of play wen the game ended.
1 should the ref of known he was not to take a pen?

2. Should the penalty being re taken by the home team from a player who was on the field of play at full time?

The away team walked off and said game was void is this the case?

Who would outcome be now? Re play the game? What would be recommended??

Answer provided by Referee Joe McHugh

Hi Aaron
Only players on the field of play at the final whistle are eligible to take a penalty kick. Quote 'With the exception of the foregoing case, only players who are on the f ield of play at the end of the match, which includes extra time where appropriate, are eligible to take kicks from the penalty mark' end quote. The referee team rely on their match records as a mechanism to determine who is eligible. If say No 7 was replaced by No 12 then the ref should know that that no 7 cannot take a penalty kick. Similarly if No 14 steps forward and he was not listed as having replaced a player during the game then clearly that should be picked up and the player prevented from taking a kick. While it is not required and some referees opine against teams providing a list of kickers before the kicks begin it does help to determine if all is in order. For example should the team state that # 14 is listed to take a penalty then the referee and ARs can check the match record to ensure that is in order. Once though it gets past 5 it can be more difficult and referees need to be alert as does the opponents.
So to answer your question . The referee should ensure that only eligible players take a penalty kick and if an error is made then it should be corrected with a retake by an eligible player. If there was a complaint at the time it is easy for the referee crew to confer and agree if that is in fact right or wrong. If a team was to complain that # 14 was not on the FOP at the final whistle it is easy for the referee to look at his record with the senior AR or 4th official to confirm or deny that. It is a matter of fact. Did #14 come on as a substitute and at what time. I suspect that if this is appealed and it is in fact proven then it can be a retake of the KFTPM or if the teams have to be brought together again then a replay may be the better option.
If it is proven that the substitution had in fact been made then the team that walked off may be in great difficulty. I might also point out that player identity can be a real difficulty at lower levels of the game. Can it be proven without doubt that say #14 took a penalty if the referee report states otherwise?

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Answer provided by Referee Richard Dawson

Hi Aaron,
The LOTG state only the players on the FOP at the end of the match can compete in the KFTPM. The ONLY exception is if the allowable numbers of subs has not been used up and the keeper is injured. There is a procedure to follow so it seems strange this could occur. All eligible players go to the center circle with one AR the two keepers go to the end of the field where the KFTPM are to occur with the other AR The CR ensure the reduce to equate is enforced if applicable and sets up to ensure we get 5 different shooters from each team to take the 1st ten shots 5 apiece. If the score is tied at that point we go the sudden death tit for tat but each remaining player must have a go before anyone can take a 2nd shot. Once ALL players have gone then they can go again in any order, 11 shooter could shoot 12th for example but each of the players must shoot a 2nd time before anyone could go 3 times.

How did this sub come to be on the FOP? If he replaced an injured keeper and subs were not all used then he is eligible to participate. If somehow he snuck on at the match end and it was proven he should not be there then his attempt will not count he is likely cautioned and a proper kicker selected. If it was allowed through error and the match result tainted if it was able to be verified say video or match records then the result is protestable. If the one team walked off claiming the game was void is this the case they could be held responsible? The game is OVER the KFTPM are required for a result. The referees match report would have to confirm their claim. One can never be certain what a review committee might do once it gets to that point the referee has no further input.

The referee and ARs should be situationaly aware and this sub incident should not occur that includes a player going twice before all other teammates have gone.

I had an injured player just prior to match end who had to be carted off and treated I told the coach to prepare a substitute to take his place as the match was about to expire if he felt he was too injured to return. I ended the match and asked the coach and injured player was he able to take PKs? He said he would but in retrospect if he was not able I wondered if I allowed it after I blew for full time would I be breaking the LOTG or if I should have reduced to equate? Personalty I felt ok to allow the sub given the circumstances but we get knuckles rapped when we decide to alter the LOTG with respect to LAW 18 which really is not a law at all.

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