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Question Number: 30183

Law 14 - Penalty kick 3/8/2016

RE: competitive amateur league Adult

Francisco Perez of PHOENIX, Countries.USA.States.AZ United States asks...

during a game as time was almost over a penalty kick was awarded to my team. since we play in a city park lights have a certain limit. the other team argued the call for about 5 mins and then the lights went out so we couldn't shoot the penalty. what would be the next step and where in the fifa rules coudl I find the answer to this because the other teams wants the game to end in a tie since it was 2-2 at that moment.

Answer provided by Referee Jason Wright

Hi Francisco,

Frustrating situation.

As the match could not be completed this is an abandoned match. What this means is up to the local competition authorities, not the Laws of the Game. Typically, the result will stand if a certain percentage of the match has been played and the match is abandoned due to field conditions (different considerations may apply if, say, one team has forced the abandonment by, for instance, walking off the field).

Naturally referees should find ways to manage lengthy protests and have the game resumed as quickly as practical. Your next step would typically be to lodge a complaint or appeal with the local authorities, this this may not yield a successful outcome.

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Answer provided by Referee Richard Dawson

Hi Francisco,
unethical and unsporting but effective sigh such garbage should have been quashed by the CR quickly. Heck I recall we lined up cars along the edge to play and turned on head lights to get in KFTPM Lol If the match is abandoned due to safety concerns as in no light, the LOTG state it is to be replayed if the ROC does not have other alternate outcomes in their bylaws. It could be the ROC will rule the PK is to be taken or declare the result stands as a significant portion of the match is over. Still the CR would state in the match report the PK and how the match had to be abandoned due to the arguing could lead to a team fine or sanction of some sort. Especially if the result of the match was a 1 goal loss or tie. If you were well ahead or they were the need to be fair has less effect. As my colleague points out you can protest to the association, it usually costs a fee and is time sensitive so ASAP. No guarantees!

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Answer provided by Referee Joe McHugh

Hi Francisco
The Laws make no provision for this other than if it is not covered by local competition rule the game is replayed. The FIFA Laws state that *An abandoned match is replayed unless the competition rules provide otherwise* The Rules under which the competition is played (ROC) may cover this and the competition organisers may be able to decide what to do in the circumstances.
The part that I am concerned about is that this was argued about for 5 minutes. That is an inordinately long time for a game to be stopped for a penalty to be taken. The referees report may cover that along with the reasons and the disciplinary committee may take a very dim view of the circumstances and perhaps decide that the PK only should be taken to decide the game. As a goal was not scored no panel could decide to award the points unless it was clear that one team caused the abandonment such as refusing to continue to play.
In a recent UEFA Ladies game that ended in controversy UEFA decided to replay the last 2 minutes of the game starting with a penalty kick. In the first game the referee made an error by awarding an IDFK for a penalty kick infringement instead of a retake as the first penalty kick was scored. In the replay of the final two minutes of the game the retaken PK was scored.

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