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Question Number: 30268

Mechanics 4/7/2016

RE: Other

David Downing of Brisbane, Australia asks...

I'm confused as to why play continued after the GK punched the ball away.

If the AR in the OP was only confused about whether the ball had passed inside or outside the goal post, but was certain that it had crossed the goal line (as he must be for the goal to be awarded), the decision is whether a goal or a goal kick is awarded, not to play on. Allowing play to continue after the punch implies that the AR was not certain that the ball had crossed the goal line, so neither a goal nor a goal kick should have been awarded.

Answer provided by Referee Richard Dawson

Hi David,
I think you might have a better idea of what occurred than I did? lol
To tell you the truth I was unsure how this event actually unfolded ?
I can only assume play was not halted because the CR and AR were unsure it had crossed the goal line.
If the AR was unsure if it crossed the goal line he should not flag, if he or the CR was sure it had crossed the goal line but not sure on which side of the post you are correct the AR should have popped the flag as he KNEW the ball was in fact out of play just not sure of a kick off or corner kick or goal kick was needed and the referee should have whistled play dead then consulted with the AR. I had a difficult time placing a punch out and the netted area as being in conflict. Sometimes we fail to piece a worded event together correctly without the pictures. I suspect the CR was relying on the AR to commit to a flag and when one did not appear he allowed play to continue. The justification of awarding the goal in retrospect was likely a tough sell and I too was curious how they determined the goal was scored.

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Answer provided by Referee Joe McHugh

Hi David
Many times with three officials the referee may not be familiar with working a three man crew so missed flags do happen. Throw in some inexperience and the situation of play continuing for a short period does happen. Also I have witnessed a situation where a goal was scored and it was so obvious that the experienced AR did not bother to give the goal signal. The ball had rebounded off the crossbar directly above the GKs head into the goal hitting a fence in the back of the goal. The ball instantly bounced back into the GK hands as he had turned around. He then tried to dupe the CR that it had not crossed line when it had done so by some 4 yards. The CR did not see the rebound as the GK had obscured the view. The GK then punted the ball before the CR figured out what had happened. Now play did not continue for more than 2/3 seconds before it was sorted yet it did not stop the conceding team complaining about the delay!!
We have all missed flags. I missed an offside flag in a recent semi final simply because the play did not look offside, there was no appeal and I had got out of position the way play unfolded. The ball was cleared and then a few seconds later my attention was drawn to the flag. Without technology it would have helped greatly if the AR had shouted as I had instructed in the pre match. He was inexperienced and did not like to shout.
In the question perhaps the AR thought that the CR can see this as well as he can and as he does not think it was a goal then he does not intervene immediately. Perhaps he signalled it and the flag was missed for a period with no effort to stop play by the AR. Perhaps it was a *caught in the headlights moment*

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