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Question Number: 30493

Kicks From The Penalty mark 6/7/2016

RE: Development Under 16

Ian Dibdin of Larbert, Central Scotland asks...

In a cup penalty shoot out is it the referee's responsibility to ensure that the nominated players are eligible ie on the pitch at the end of the match.
In a recent cup semi final (undergoing an appeal) the winning side won 4-3 however one of the players listed wasn't on the pitch at the final whistle, the losing team have appealed that he should not have taken a penalty. The age group allows roll on and roll off subs the player in question had played part of the game been sub and put back on (a typical match with multi substitutions on and off and re-introduced).
As the winning team we are hoping that the entire squad were eligible to take a penalty, we were not being tactical we simply were looking for 5 volunteers to take them...
Yours in anticipation

Answer provided by Referee Joe McHugh

Hi Ian
The Laws of the Game were not written nor intended for roll on roll off substitutions situations. It is expected that once substituted in a regular game that a player would take no further part in the game. It is for this reason that teams make last minute substitutions before KFTPM.
Now IMO this could be covered under a competition rule or by advice. Now in the absence of rule the LotG states that ** ...... , only players who are on the field of play at the end of the match, which includes extra time where appropriate, are eligible to take kicks from the penalty mark**.
It is the duty of the referee and assistant to ensure that the KFTPM are conducted as intended with eligible players. Now some County Associations have given advice to referees which states that in a cup competition match which requires a result from Kicks from the Penalty Mark, only players who complete the match i.e. are on the field at the final whistle are permitted to participate.
With multiple substitutions it can be difficult to monitor who is on or off the field of play at the end of extra time particularly when perhaps no exact record is being kept. Could a referee confirm with certainty who was not on the FOP at the final whistle? My experience of rolling subs is that I check on the substitutions for the first time and after that I just ensure that the team has no more than 11 on the FOP. Perhaps in a cup competition I would pay more attention to the subs and advise accordingly. In a regular game I could not confirm the finishing 11 and maybe neither could the team!

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Answer provided by Referee Jason Wright

Hi Ian,
The LOTG state that only players on the pitch at the end of extra time may participate in KFTM - so yes, the referee has an obligation to ensure that the laws are adhered to. Though of course, teams themselves have an obligation to adhere to the laws. The referee may have missed a breach but the breach has still occurred.
It can be difficult to monitor this for the referee as players and subs all mill around the touch line together while the coach talks to them.
Usually if there is a neutral AR, the AR on that side will try to remain in the area first to keep an eye on things, perhaps with the referee's assistance. The refereeing team should try to monitor things, but it may be possible for a change to be missed. I advise officials to discuss expectations at the beginning of extra time so everybody knows where they stand if it gets to KFTM.
Whether rolling subs are used or traditional limited substitutions makes no difference - only players on the pitch at the end of the final whistle can partake.

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