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Question Number: 31056

Other 11/27/2016

RE: Under 18

Tarik of decca, decaa bangladesh asks...

i practice my self but i cannot apply in the field why occasionly why? i cannot get confidence why?

Answer provided by Referee MrRef

Hi Tarik,
we are a referee site that explain the LOTG. While soccer does teach us life lessons not sure how we can facilitate your needs or wishes but accept this for what it is worth. Take on the mantle of a referee, watch the match from the perspective of the middle circle you will discover a very different outlook on the game itself! The CR often has the best seat in the house to enjoy the skills decisions and abilities of the players on the field.

To move purposefully through life, achieving personal and professional goals self-confidence is an essential characteristic in becoming a well rounded individual. Striving to meet challenges, willing to set goals, take risks, maintain positive attitudes about yourself and your social interactions not beating yourself up when the negativity hounds come baying at your mindsets. It is easy to say much but harder to do much if we hold ourselves to improbable standards. Faith and integrity are two words, a few letters strung together, both long on meaning, both affect the bulk of our lives if they lose their focus, or perhaps rather, if we lose perspective on what is important .

Let me ask you, are you aware in a 90 minute match, how much time you will have with the ball at your feet? TWO, that's right 2 minutes, IF you are lucky . It is crucial you find time for additional match play to hone your talent just as it is the away time from match play to improve upon the basic structure of mundane practise by establishing good habits, correct techniques, developing tactical skills as perfect practise makes perfect sense in you set up muscle memory and instinctive actions to react without thinking, minimizing the delays. Then you must find that creative spark, where you improvise on the things you know and the abilities you possess. How fast do you run? How hard can you shoot? How well do you anticipate? How quick are you thinking on the fly. How well does the ball seem glued to your feet? Can you use both feet? Do you know what to do when you DO NOT have the ball tactically as well as the correct technical skill and techniques to deal with the ball when it arrives?
Do you know what the FASTEST thing is on the soccer pitch? No, not ball, nor the speedy striker or fast twitch keeper, it is the MIND! Your ability to anticipate and translate thought into action ahead of all others. To grasp the concept of SPAM , no, not a meat by-product, but the tactical understanding of SPACE, PACE, ANGLES & MOVEMENT!
A story to prove my point I tell my players when coaching about a German substitute player who came on in the 60th minute for his team and in the 1/2 hour he played he touched the ball twice. The first time in the 66th minutes he headed the cross in for a goal. Late in the 8oth minute, he took down a long pass off his chest, turned, stepped inside the beaten defender, bicycled the ball firing his 2nd goal past the beleaguered keeper. Good use of skill, technique and tactical abilities to know were to be to score these goals. I can not be sure if his two way defending abilities were fantastic or even if he made other strategic attack runs where he just missed other chances . To succeed we must also be allowed fail.
Failure is a concept born of not understanding the difference between accepting limits and adjusting for them. We are not all Messi Or Ronaldo calibre players but it is NOT wrong to think you could be. No matter what level of play you aspire too the only way you fail is not to do your best at whatever level you achieve!
Setting goals and not achieving them is NOT a failure because you adjust based on circumstances and revaluate! That is what differentiates between success and failure is commitment to improve not set bars on top of mount Olympus.

Look I set out to score MORE goals in my matches. I set out a Goal of 1 goal a match. I only scored 1 goal every three matches, so did I fail? No I scored MORE goals than before because I used to only score 1 goal every 4 matches. And an unexpected bonus I assisted on 1 goal a game something I had not set out to do but came true though striving to reach a different objective.
Accept the compliments if you get praised not everyone is blowing smoke up your butt . Take no notice of black holes of doom & gloom naysayers as if they had a life of examples worthy of emulating.

We are what we do and it is more important to do than to say! Find the positive, seek out those who are supportive, give back all the good you can.
I wish you all the best in your corner of the world
from our pitch to your pitch in the spirit of fair play

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