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Question Number: 31198

Law 5 - The Referee 1/23/2017

RE: Rec Under 9

Liam of Las Vegas, USA asks...

Question I'm new to reffing and I had a incident at a match a few weeks ago in a rec league game with a coach who had been heckling me all game and finally said this ref doesen't know what he is f***ing doing over a throw in. I was shocked that someone waited say that in a U8 game but I gave him a straight red for that. Did I do the right thing?

Answer provided by Referee Peter Grove

It certainly sounds like you were right to dismiss the coach. The only issue is, as Ref McHugh says, that in a match played under the Laws of the Game, cards are not used for team officials. The law on this simply says that the referee ''takes action against team officials who fail to act in a responsible manner and may expel them from the field of play and its immediate surrounds''

So other than a slight question over the actual manner of the dismissal, you took the right action.

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Answer provided by Referee Joe McHugh

Hi Liam
Well done. No place for such behaviour in the game and certainly NOT in an ULittles game.
Now the only caveat is that unless the competition rules allow it cards are not used for officials just players and substitutes. Some underage leagues do permit the uses of cards in such situations.
In a regular game the referee simply informs the official that he is dismissed and that he is being reported for misconduct. No card is shown.
One other point. Just make sure that another responsible adult is present to continue to manage and look after the players during the game. Child protection guidelines and good practise requires the presence of responsible adult/s to deal with the players and to manage any situation such as illness, injury etc. In the absence of a responsible adult to look after the team the game should not continue.

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Answer provided by Referee Gary Voshol

Good job. It's always tough to dismiss a coach, because sometimes that causes the situation to escalate. If the coach refuses to leave, you have no option but terminating the game.

I too am amazed from time to time at the example coaches and parents present to their young players. Sheesh.

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Answer provided by Referee Richard Dawson

Hi Liam,
sounds like the coach needs to be revaluated for that age bracket. Foul mouth abusive language, uttered in frustration at the u-littles is pathetic. I do believe USA youth soccer and most minor youth soccer association PERMIT the showing of red card to anyone who disrupts a u-littles match as there is often a no abuse policy and codes of conduct that are enforced on the participants no matter what level. If they are on the pitch, watching coaching or playing they are participating in youth soccer and held accountable for their actions! The reasoning is youth referees are often new and inexperienced thus susceptible to being shamed or ridiculed by the big mouth blowhards from the touchlines. It was likely thought this made it easier for them to deal with bullies!

Ina regulation FIFA sanctioned match the referee would eject the coach or team member, demand they leave the FOP and playing area after explaining his conduct would be included in the misconduct report to the league authorities. No card is required. If the coach refuses to leave, the match is terminated!

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