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Question Number: 31282

Law 17 - The Corner Kick 2/20/2017

RE: High School

Larry of Danville, CA USA asks...

This question is a follow up to question 31264

We have some pretty divergent responses on the question concerning an attacking coach trying to verbally fool the defenders on a 'fake' goal kick.

Joe McHugh: Retake GK with possible caution.
Gary Voshol: IDFK with dismissal.
Joe Manjone: Ignore it.

In my opinion this is a pretty straight forward case, and unlike many decisions in soccer we should all be consistent with this call. I very much respect all of your positions, but is there any method available to obtain a more official and decisive ruling?

Answer provided by Referee Joe McHugh

Hi Larry
I assume you mean corner kick.
Not all situations are the same and the replies are not divergent. I can envisage individual situations where all three outcomes can be used and that was articulated in the answers.
The factors are that have a bearing
Did the offence happen or was it genuine coaching? No action
Did it happen before the ball was in play? Retake
Was play stopped to deal with the situation? IDFK
As a result our answers can all be the same when the situation is clearly defined.
For example if it is clear that the ball is put into play and the coach has certainly engaged in deliberate verbal tactics after the ball was put into play then that is a caution for the coach and an IDFK restart.
If the offence happened before the ball was put into play then it is misconduct only which is a retake. If the referee is unsure he could simply ignore it or if so inclined to ask for a retake as he was not ready or did not eee the restart.
It is up to the referee to make a decision based on what he observes and uses the rules to assist in his call.
For me I do not allow it and I always go with the retake (FIFA game) as the way to deal with it. Others can choose differently based on the rules and what they decide based on the auspice the games is played under.

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Answer provided by Referee Gary Voshol

Perhaps my response was not clear enough, but my meaning was an indirect kick OR a dismissal of the coach. Depends on what the coach's words were - a true instruction to his team, OR an attempt to deceive the opponents.

If we can't tell what the coach wanted, then we would err on the side of the IFK as the lesser effect on the game. If the coach complains, you can have a nice chat with him about why he should limit his remarks only to true instruction, and that's why you made your call. 'Coach, you told Mary to take it, and that's what happened.'

And the level of play makes a difference too. This was HS, so you might presume, perhaps incorrectly, that the team and coach have some idea of what they're doing. As opposed to say, U9, where the coach came up with this brilliant unique idea for a trick play. (As if we'd never seen it before.)

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Answer provided by Referee Richard Dawson

Hi Larry,
Well as a highschool question Ref Manjone is our contact off their directorship. He pointed out there are possible grounds for discipline but not practical reality in all cases as Itootr plays a large part!

Coaches are permitted to give tactical instruction to their team from the touchlines inside their technical area.
Coaches just as ANY player is NOT permitted to verbally deceive an opponent! It is looked upon as a USB action.

If we have USB action PRIOR to a restart then the restart has YET to occur.
However, if the referee ACCEPTS the ball WAS is IN play only then the coach's action may have created a reason to stop play and award the INDFK.

Also if the defending team were to rush in and challenge on the first touch because they too are aware of this little ploy and then the attackers squawk I would be sure to ignore as in you made your bed now lie in it! If they get cute and they dribble the ball out using the first touch to get the ball live and you are not punishing the coach for the verbal deception. YOUR match Your Decision Your Reputation!

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Answer provided by Referee Joe Manjone

As I had indicated, I believe that because of the time involved to create this diversion, the distance that the coach is from the corner, and the effect that the opposing team coach has on the defending team players, that it is unlikely that the coach could be carded for deliberate verbal tactics. However, if you are in a situation where the coach yells loud enough to get everyone's attention and his yelling results in the success of the deceptive play that you indicate, then the coach can be carded for unsporting conduct- deliberate verbal tactics and the restart would be an indirect kick from the spot of the ball at the time of the violation by the coach. As Ref Dawson says, it is your decision. I hope that you have a successful season.

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