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Question Number: 31396

Law 3 - The Players 3/27/2017

RE: AYSO Rec. League(championship game) Under 11

Terry Camerrer of Ewa Beach, Hawaii USA asks...

I realize AYSO bends the rules of soccer to a great extent, but I am going to ask this question to see if it is a new rule or just one somebody thought up on the spur of the moment.
The setting is a 10U boys game. The goalie of one side made a save but the ball struck him in the stomach knocking the wind out of him and he fell to the ground. It took a while for the referee to notice the goalie on the ground, but when he did, he stopped the game and motioned for the coach to come on. By the time the coach reached the goalie, the goalie was back on his feet. The referee directed the coach to replace the goalie with another on field player and take the injured goalie to the touch line. The referee said he could come back on at the next stoppage of play. The reason he gave for all this was if the coach comes on the field the player HAS to leave. So for a couple of minutes we were playing short. In the second half the goalie from the other side had a similar incident. The coach was only on the field about 20 feet before his goalie was up and ready to play. The referee was consistent with his directions given to the other coach in the first half.
Is this rule written down somewhere or is it just a made up rule? I get upset when I see referees making up their own rules.

Answer provided by Referee Richard Dawson

Hi Terry,
try not to get too upset most referees are not receptive to on field direction from non neutral sources unless the information manages to unfreeze the brain. When those who are confused about the LOTG we must get them with the correct information in some less than controversial manner then a shouting match on the FOP. Recertification and mentoring if the league has a monitoring program eventually correct information can trickle down but league bylaws or ROC rules MIGHT be confusing as the FIFA LOTG instruct any injured player must leave if he receives treatment . The coach coming into the field would be a bylaw if it is a reason to force such an issue. I will say though the KEEPER is usually EXEMPT from being forced off unless it is to receive treatment and substituted. It is VERY strange for a team to be forced to play short in a keeper injury so I doubt that the AYSO has that within their bylaws .
No referee tries to reinvent the game they just get misguided and access partial information or try to fill in the information they forget.

I have seen the worlds best have momentary brain freezes from time to time we all need to be a bit more forgiving as being right I can attest thinking knowing a great deal we can come across as a bit dark when irritated.

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Answer provided by Referee Peter Grove

Hi Terry,
I suspect that the referee here was confused about the provision that says a player must leave the field if medical personnel are called on to attend to an injury. However the part of the law that says this provides a number of exemptions, one of which is that this does not apply to goalkeepers.

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Answer provided by Referee Joe McHugh

Hi Terry
Thanks for your question.
This is a misapplication of the Law. A team must have a goalkeeper and as a result he can be treated on the field of play. There is no requirement for a goalkeeper to leave the FOP for treatment . If it was an outfield player the referee was correct. The GK is one of a number of exceptions to this Law.
Now I doubt that AYSO has a competition rule that changes that Law and to to do so would be illegal under IFAB rules .
AYSO may have a strict injury protocol that once a physio comes on to treat a player he must be replaced by a rolling substitution or removed even if there is no treatment?

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