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Question Number: 31564

Mechanics 5/28/2017

RE: Adult

Tim Spotts of Lititz , PA USA asks...

When a goal is scored, what is the order of the referees writing down the score, lead,trail,center?

Answer provided by Referee Joe McHugh

Hi Tim
It depends on the instructions from the referee in his pre match discussion. The referee crew should be switched on and concentrating on what is happening immediately after the goal. It can be easy to switch off after a goal and for both the referee and lead AR to be noting down details of the goal at the same time and miss say violent conduct or misconduct in their area.
The single most important note taker is the referee and he should be supported by the assistants in the best order for managing the game effectively. There can be an eagerness to note scores immediately after the goal yet it can be best to wait until both teams have set up at halfway for the kick off to make the note. That allows the CR and lead AR to focus on the players and what happens after the goal and not to be distracted while note taking until the teams have seperated.

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Answer provided by Referee Jason Wright

Hi Tim,
Different referees will instruct differently. Typically the instructions are for lead and one AR to write, then the other. Basically, you never want all 3 looking down (and 4th sh0uld typically be the last to write) - the one who isn't writing needs to be keeping an eye on issues. This applies to cards as well.
Common sense applies - if you are the AR supposed to write first but you can see something heating up near you, then that's more important to manage/keep an eye on.
Some people prefer the ref and near AR to write first as the far AR has a wider view of everything. Some prefer ref and far AR to write first as the near AR will have a closer view of any flash points. I tend to subscribe to the latter.
But if you're supposed to write first, always worth glancing at the other AR to make sure they haven't jumped ahead.
Ensuring that if the other 2 are writing, you're not writing is the most important aspect.

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Answer provided by Referee Richard Dawson

Hi Tim,
the fact most refereed matches occur without radio communications. So eye contact, thumbs up then verbal confirmation Goal is good! 15 blue ? Yes 15 blue ! or a more reserved OWN Goal #2 red!
It is easy to lose focus as you dig about for a pencil the ball might be retrieved by the attacker & the keeper at the same time as either could be is seeking to get on with the match upsetting the other. Resulting in an altercation. Or a dissenting defender screaming for offside and your AR is in trouble.
Staying on task & focused it is easy to say, hard to do, when complex emotions & perceptions are being agitated by events not of your choosing. If you have 4 sets of eyes be not all looking away at the same time!

CR is responsible, lead AR should be writing it down only after ensuring things are calm, Trail AR should be on board as well after eye contact with the CR once back at midline . The 4th official or nearest AR to the touchline statisticians located between the two teams can relate the information.

I too support the writing be done closer to getting the kick off underway just confirming things once the teams are basically awaiting to begin.

In a hard fought match I had the attacking team hammer in a great tying goal on a 35 yard howitzer found a top comer where an offside attacker was in the vicinity but not affecting play. My AR and I got the eye contact thumbs up and both were admiring the goal scorer's great effort writing his number rather than concentrate on the PIOP & keeper. Our non involved PIOP decided to retrieve the ball excited thinking hey we got a chance to win this, the keeper in a foul mood (pun intended) took exception and a tussle for the ball out of the back of the netting ensued. We lost our focus & now we had to deal with misconduct and the crowd of players running back towards the goal rather then deal with the upcoming kick off.

All because I switched off admiring the goal and watching his antics of celebration over by his team bench rather then thinking about the ball being returned to me and brought up to centre for the kick off. I try to make it a habit to concentrate on the goal and ensure retrieving the ball or being comfortable that the ball is on its way to kick off leaving my AR to follow the antics of the goal scorer if he does something really goofy, remove the shirt etc.. Once bitten twice shy as they say! Aftermath was 2 dismissals 2 cautions
a lot of ill will and 12 minutes of very ugly soccer. All I had to do was follow up on the ball intervene quickly so the keeper/attacker never really have a chance to get in tight. I made a good game go bad in about 15 seconds. Cheers

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