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Question Number: 31742

Law 14 - The Penalty kick 8/28/2017

RE: Adult

Douglas Wix of Liverpool, Merseyside United Kingdom asks...

This question is a follow up to question 31732

How about your view of Scmeichals save against Man utd & even mentioned by Lineker-still no retake! If you have time refs have a look at the at Old Trafford in early 2000's Juve v Milan. Enough said me thinks. Btw if I ever see a retake & yellow card will be in touch. Thanks. Dougie Wix,Liverpool,fair minded football fan. YNWA.

Answer provided by Referee Joe McHugh

Hi Douglas
Have a look at this video and keep freeze framing it at around the moment of the kick.
As Lukaku plants his right foot at the ball Schmeichel has his left foot on the line and as Lukaku kicks the ball Schmeichel has lifted his left foot forward. He has anticipated the kick to his right and his momentum brings him well out to his right. So while it looks blatant at the point of the save it is not so when viewed from the side on. I also believe that many ARs and refs give the GK a sporting chance by allowing one step. Big althetic GKs can make that one step with momentum into what looks like more.
As regards the CL Kicks from the Penalty Mark one can look at any of them and find encroachment. Dudeks first save is so blatant in Liverpool v ACMilan in Istanbul and he took a number of paces forward on the Hillier #21 Penalty.
Now not speaking as a referee but as a player most of the saves are not primarily due to the encroachment but really poor kicking. Top quality kickers love early movement of goalkeepers. The ones that are saved are too close to the GK and also at the right height.

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Answer provided by Referee Richard Dawson

HI Douglas,
not much we can do except comment there are PKs retaken even at the highest levels we can not help it if you were not in attendance to watch?

I also agree there are PKS at the highest levels that were not retaken that perhaps could have been.

I am sure blatant keeper off the line incidents when a goal is scored no one really cares.

ONLY if it actually affects the outcome! As to your determination & belief a step out as the kicker kicks the ball leaving his foot it seems to bother you more than most. You are certainly entitled to your opinion.

However, I agree completely with my colleague Peter Grove the FACT FIFA /IFAB added the yellow card caution to keepers off the line has in fact encouraged LESS retaking because of the impact the card can have.

I freeze framed the PK at 5 seconds just as the foot is impacting the ball as described by my colleague Ref McHugh the keeper has stepped forward but notice number 8 for Man U two steps inside the PA as well. Technically if a goal DID result that is grounds for a retake.

For your entertainment

This was the shootout PK for deciding matches tried for a short while

Look at this and ask yourself was it truly necessary?
6 times
What was wrong with #2?
I was happy AR called the keeper off line!
What was the matter with the 5th? advantage?
Finally after 6 the keeper off the line but goal counts.
the encroachment on a few pretty blatant, one illegally taken yet no one was to outraged
3 x retaken

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