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Question Number: 31781

Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 9/12/2017

RE: Under 16

Jordan Baker of Sydney, NSW Sydney asks...

Q1-If the ball is in the field of play during play and a team official (Substitute or manager) chucks a bottle at the opposing player, is it a DFK or IDFK? If i'm not mistaken if it occurred in the penalty area it would be a penalty, but what about outside the penalty area like near the touchline.

Q2-Also it is red team vs blue team, blue team has the ball and is on a counter attack and have a good chance of scoring, one of blue teams defenderes goes down screaming, no one from opposition touched him but he is in pain (headache or illness) how do you determine wether to play on the advantage or stop play, and if stop the play, does the drop ball go back to blue? Thank you

Answer provided by Referee Richard Dawson

HI Jordan ,
the new take on the LOTG hold ALL those within the technical area as culpable for their direct actions against opponents on or off the FOP.
The action for striking, the Sub sent off shown the red card taking no further part of the game the Manger would be expelled The restart is a DFK from where the player was hit or could have been hit as you stated in the PA it becomes a PK. Outside it becomes a DFK the nearest point along the touchline or goal line which can translate into a PK if it is within the PA boundary lines.
NO more drop balls or INDFK for STUPIDITY!

A referee is not a mind reader nor a doctor just dude or a gal trying to manage 22 people on a football field to play fair!
A referee has the power to STOP play for ANY reason.
An injury to a player is certainly with in that scope .
I once had a screaming keeper leave the FOP running as fast as he could I had no idea until I heard the word, Bees . He was deathly allergic and there were several swarming yellow jackets had decided to take up residence in the goal area So Yes, I stopped play restarted with drop ball to which the bee keeper team returned the ball to the opposition as a courteous gesture.

A SCREAMING player who or one who simply slumps for no reason IF I see it chances are I stop play immediately. Just because a player goes down hobbling yelling ow after a tackle we are not necessarily looking to stop play. but having seen heart attacks & diabetic confusion, heat exhaustion, concussion reactions If we RECOGNIZE what is going on you BET we stop it!

Mind you if the screaming is put on or there is reason to think it an act! USB caution INDFK yada yada

In cases where it is my decision to stop is during play, it is a drop ball the teams are entitled to contest but most often if there was clear possession prior the other returns it as a courtesy or moves off to not contest. That thought is THEIR decision

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Answer provided by Referee Joe McHugh

Hi Jordan
On your first question the Laws have been amended to make this now an offence punished by a direct free kick or penalty kick. It is violent conduct and the substitute is sent off, the team official removed and the restart is a penalty kick.
As always the advice is that prevention is better than cure. Referees should try not to allow persons involved with the teams such as subs, coaches to be close to the goal / penalty area. It can be best to wait for such persons if they are there to move to the touchline or get them to go there in the first place if they need to.
On the second question the referee has to make a call as to whether to stop play or not based on what he observes . I now see too many players just sitting down now, looking to stop the game because the team does not want to play a player down. They try to stop the game and get sufficient time to prepare a substitution. If someone is shouting and there is no obvious reason for an injury then the referee could allow play to continue until the next natural stoppage. I have seen players try to stop play in such a manner for tactical reasons and I allowed play to continue. One player said that he had cramp which is what it looked like and for me the game does not stop for cramp particularly when the player is out of position etc. I am actually more likely to stop play for a motionless player on the ground with no apparent cause rather than someone who does not sound or look like they are seriously injured or ill. One always lives in hope that these situations are rare and that the spirit of fair play will prevail.

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