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Question Number: 31895

Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 10/12/2017

RE: Competitive Under 14

Aaron Speca of Virginia Beach, VA United States asks...

So, a couple of questions on this play.

1) How lucky is #2 white that no penalty was called on this play? LOL ...

2) Let's say a penalty was called and with #2 white being the last defender, it would have met prior criteria for a red card for DOGSO. Is this an example where the newer guidance for a yellow card if the player is making an attempt at the ball would come into play?

(#2 is actually my kid and he told me he was expecting to hear the whistle after that play.)

Answer provided by Referee Richard Dawson

HI Aaron,
(1)VERY lucky 100% PK caution show the yellow most likely as well
(2) YES but there was another defender and the ball was moving slightly away so DOGSO criteria might not be 100% but I see it as a DOGSO possibility to be sure .
How far away was the referee ?
Your #2 son was correct he should have heard that whistle. AT least someone recognized a foul . OH wait it certainly appeared the blue player on the ground thought so too! lol

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Answer provided by Referee Joe McHugh

Hi Aaron
Thanks for the video
Stonewall penalty kick and a caution for unsporting behaviour. The lack of movement of the ball should have been the tell tale sign that this was a foul on the Blue player with no contact on the ball. It was an attempt to play the ball so under the amended Law 12 it is a penalty kick and a caution.
Now if the foul happened outside the penalty area this is certainly in the denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity territory. While the video is somewhat limited I cannot see the 2nd White defender getting close enough to prevent an opportunity on the goal so it is a red card for me. Again angle of view, what happens next, nature of the foul are all factors to be considered and perhaps a referee might give the defender any benefit of doubt that might exist when a genuine attempt to play the ball is made with a fast closing team mate. At underage a referee might also be more lenient as the goal scoring opportunity takes longer and may be less likely or immediate.
It leads me to make a point that one of the key skills of refereeing is foul recognition. Without that well honed basic tenet of refereeing a referee will struggle with the game, with match control, managing the technical areas etc. One can be fit, know the written law, be well turned out which are fundamentals yet without good foul recognition a referee will struggle. It is the foundation on which good refereeing is built. There are good learning points in here for the referee, indeed any referee and this is why observations, mentoring, coaching are so important. I would have liked to have asked the referee why did he think it was not a foul and therein gives development pointers. Poor angle of view, too far away from the play, thought White got a touch on the ball may be given which all lead to good advice.
There are also coaching points in here for players. Why make the last ditch challenge when there is still a lot to do, why go to ground on a slide when the possibility exists of continuing to narrow the angle, why give a player an contested shot on goal from twelve yards when so much can happen in open play. In addition the goalkeeper moves back towards the goal line whereas the move should be out and forward to the six yard line to close down the angle for the shot. By coming forward he has made the target much smaller in all directions.

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