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Question Number: 31902

Law 15 - The Throw In 10/15/2017

RE: Rec Adult

Russell of Sydney, Australia asks...

A rare occasion a throw-in is pulled up.

Watching this live, I wondered why it was called.
Ref Martin Atkinson (an excellent Ref I like watching) gesturing why he called it.

Watching the replay, I'm still a perplexed.
I think it is trivial. I don't see any advantage gained from it. I fact, I'd argue that it was a poor throw in that it made the ball harder to control (most throw-ins at this level are thrown onto the teammates foot or head - rarely a bounce beforehand).

Fast forward to the 53.30 mark of the actual game time and you see three consecutive TI's taken by the same ManU player.
The first and third are almost identical in nature and effect, however, the the third is pulled up.

Yes the third is thrown with a touch more force at the ground, however, it landed a good 5-6 metres away - very similar to the first TI, and hardly made it any harder for the opposition to intercept.

Where in the LOTG does is say anything other then being '...delivered from behind the head, and with both hands'. This TI complied with both of these criteria.

The LOTG do also state: 'For any other infringement of this Law the throw-in is taken by a player of the opposing team.'
So what are the other infringements if they are not detailed in the LOTG ?.

I will admit to having had players call for a foul throw for TI's all but identical to this, however, I have rarely felt the need to agree (subject to the mood of the match), as they just seem trivial and have little effect on the play. I would be inclined to do so if in a very attacking position and a distinct advantage is gained.
However, in this instance the play was very static with many players form both teams around - so not as if it was a potential fast break play.

Answer provided by Referee Joe McHugh

Hi Russell
Incorrectly taken throw ins at this level are very rare. Referee Atkinson can be seen to motion that it was a throw down that he was calling although personally I think it is harsh as it is not a spike
It was somewhat *different* although that does not mean that it was illegal. I suppose two immediate throws before that all executed in the *normal* manner and then the third one is *different*
Perhaps there could be a referee directive on tightening up on illegal throw ins?
Anyway it was called and the player got on with it.

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Answer provided by Referee Richard Dawson

HI Russell,
I disagree with the CR I thought the call was unnecessary for match control so it had to be a set the bar as it breeched what he consider correct proceedure?

Still No argument by the player.

I do not know if the commentator saw it as an incorrect throw from the get go or until the referee started signalling it as confirmation but I would not have contested the throw in unless it was a steady decline in attitude & spot location or frequent warnings although it does appear the referee was signalling the head was down and the ball was released into the ground below the head not over. I did not see a raised foot off the ground? I often say His match His decision his reputation. Do you think in this game he suffered from any of it?

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Answer provided by Referee Peter Grove

Hi Russell,
I would tend to agree with you. I don't see what part of the law has not been complied with.

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