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Question Number: 31941

League Specific 10/26/2017

RE: ayso Under 10

mark of visalia, ca usa asks...

Their seems to be lots of confusion regardng the new rules and the BOL.

When the gaolie has a goal kick, when can the defenders cross the build out line?

When the goalie kicks the ball, or when the ball leaves the penalty area?

Answer provided by Referee Joe McHugh

Hi Mark
I assume you mean attackers crossing the build out line? Defenders are entitled to stay inside the build out line and that is the purpose of the rule which is to allow play to be brought out from the back by defenders who receive the ball without attacker pressure.
After the ball is put into play by the goalkeeper, the opposing team can cross the build out line and play resumes as normal
The opposing team must also move behind the build out line during a goal kick until the ball is put into play.
AYSO has a different interpretation which is shown here
Now if the spirit of the rule is being implemented correctly there should be little need for a referee to enforce it strictly. Basically the defenders should be able to have control of the ball with time to look up and play to find a team mate with a pass without having an opponent challenging at the same time as receiving the ball from the goalkeepers.
If it is about winning only then the rule can be stretched to its limit and beyond.

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Answer provided by Referee Richard Dawson

Hi Mark,
you are not he only person who is confused on the BOL I just witnessed a lengthy often contentious discussion group just have a heck of time trying to grasp the nuances of this youth soccer concept. Never mind these were seasoned referees trying to get a handle on this as MOST of the referees are new or inexperienced at the youth level so getting them up to speed is a formidable task unto itself.

The concept of DEVELOPMEMT seems to be fighting the need to achieve victory by overly concerned competitive driven formats when fun and participation along with gaining skills and tactical awareness is the backbone of youth soccer as opposed to win, win, win. Still victory seems to be a mindset hard to dispel in a competitive environment.
The BOL, the no heading was all to do with safety and development of skill. The idea of not PUNTING the ball high in the air or kicking it way downfield due to heading issues or the rainbow effect of a small field where it could travel to the other end and back the same way, There is no skill in the smash it down field philosophy so the BOL idea of TIME and balls on the ground working it out from the back rather than pound it as far as big leg McGurk could to get them out of their end. Now this TIME thing started being a big deal as the moment the keeper tossed kicked or the ball left his hand the opposition would charge in quickly to surround and corral the ball defeating the purpose of allowing enough time. Pressure tactics are still the greatest assets in making the opposition turn ball possession over.

You get over eager keepers or player trying to kick the ball BEFORE al the opposition are out as well as eager opposition players timing runs to coincide with the release ANY free kick from inside the PA the ball must exit it FIRST BEFORE the opposition can cross the BOL. Just remember those refereeing are learning this stuff too as it is new!

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