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Question Number: 32580

Mechanics 7/9/2018

RE: Rec Adult

Russell of Sydney, Australia asks...

This question is a follow up to question 32570

Derek of Cary, IL USA asks about FIFA fines.

This link will provide some insight on the topic.

As for Referee Mark Gieger and his performance " I could not agree more with Ref Dawson and Mchugh.

There is so much to commend him for in the match, as well as a number 'why didn't he...' moments.

Like Ref Dawson mentioned, I doubt I could have restrained myself as he did. Those two prolonged incidents screamed for cards to be shown.

In my small part of this footballing world, this season we have introduced 10minutes in the sin bin yellow cards for dissent towards match officials " in Adult matches only.

The first third of the season had the players in a flux about it. Now in to the middle third and they are starting to understand the implications, so there is a lot more restraint from the players. They will still bark, but as soon as you reach for your pocket, it is amazing how they suddenly keep quiet. Certainly, the odd fool continues, and they get the a 10 minute rest with no replacement.

It just reeks of 'directives' as to why Mr Gieger did not issue cards " and the 9 v 9 or 9 v 7 that Ref Dawson mentions.

I'd like to think that if he had show at card or two in the first incident, then the second may have seen more restraint from the players.

Ref McHugh is on the money re FIFA looking at the warning of players at restarts. It has become a joke. In these sudden death matches, there does not seem to be much lessening of the jostling from that of the group matches - and in these matches the big brother VAR can give them a real uphill chase.

I don't have the answer to all this - sadly, I just have the question.

Still, all that said, I'm loving the WC. Loving watching the tactic, the skill, the refereeing, the fans.

Is it just me, or has the referring positioning been sometimes a little too close to players. Particularly, as the ball is being played with 5 metres/yards of the penalty box.
We have been advised 15 - 18m is a good distance, but I see a number of the ref's are much closer - in the 10m distance, and I feel their broader view is lessened. Could that be a directive from the head of the referring. Let the AR's deal with wider view, and just get closer to the players so as to better see what is a genuine foul v play acting?

Answer provided by Referee Joe McHugh

Hi Russell
Thanks for your observations
Referees in the WC are well trained athletes who can run for fun and get about the field of play at ease.
Throw in the introduction of VAR with two assistants plus a 4th and 5th official there is any amount of eyes looking at the game.
I believe that referees have been instructed on positioning which includes
A. Being ahead of the ball
B. Reasonably close to play particularly on possible contact fouls so as to see the level of contact.
So when you see something at this level it tends to be thought through and advised.
I have seen only one contact by the referee on the ball so far that I can recall due to that close proximity and it did cause a bit of a difficulty in that it was just outside the penalty area.
So the advice is to not mirror what these WC referees do as they now have the benefit of technology to see incidents including off the ball ones plus they are super fit and rarely far away from play

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Answer provided by Referee Richard Dawson

HI Russell for as much as I whine or complain I agree this WC is the one that just keeps giving!!! Man on man have I sat here and marveled at the various outcomes, upsets and wrinkles within this years World cup. The New VAR & the referees once again trying to come to grips with the pregame directives.
I can see Collina & the VAR has had a major impact in the positioning of the officials as they are more and more ahead of the play and closer to the PA area with get in there and see what's happening . Still need to swing around and in to get angle but yes I too see a pattern of closer and ahead! I still see some weird early flags but I think the VAR is affecting judgment.

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