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Question Number: 32676

Law 6 - The Other Match Oficials 8/30/2018

RE: Other

glenn of boston, ma usa asks...

CRs encourage ARs to talk to players during play, such as 'watch the arms', etc, just as the CR does. Do you think it is okay for an AR to also say 'advantage' if a foul happens in his quadrant?

I frequently do this, if I am running with a play near my sideline and a foul is occurring but I am giving the attacker advantage I will call it out for the same reason the CR does, to let the player know I am seeing the foul but letting them play through it. Sometimes I will also put my arm out like an advantage call, but I assume this mechanic is incorrect.

Answer provided by Referee Richard Dawson

Hi Glen,
I have seen it done, in point of fact I commented on it at the debriefing and was told by the CR that the AR as a referee could do so but the LOTG advise says not a good mechanic so unless you discuss it with the CR in the pregame I would refrain from doing so. It would & fact did occur when the AR and situation occurs isolated from the CR as in a 70 yard reversal of ball direction where you as AR and the only two other players in the vicinity are there separated from the herd so to speak. It certainly was not implausible to extend the hand to signal advantage and hold the flag in the other but the eye contact and communication in THAT incident was not likely very good given the distance involved. I agree it is better to wait and see, even a shout out of "Play through it!" as it is good for the players to KNOW you DID see it and are not missing or excusing it but simply allowing advantage to roll on. If there is no advantage wiggle the flag and get the CR involved!

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Answer provided by Referee Joe McHugh

Hi Glenn
The use of advantage and its signal is reserved for the referee. An AR is expected to use the wait and see technique and make eye contact with the CR on potential foul situations.
This is what the Laws state
* The AR must use the 'wait and see technique' to allow play to continue and not raise the flag when the team against which an offence has been committed will benefit from the advantage; it is therefore very important for the AR to make eye contact with the referee.**
So your use of advantage as an AR is incorrect and I would advise not to use it. At the highest level you will never see an AR making any unusual signals and certainly never an advantage arm signals or shout advantage. At lower levels perhaps where the CR gets disconnected from play the CR will expect his ARs to act as referee. In those instances I still think that the wait and see advantage is still best. If advantage materialises then well and good then if not the fluttering flag and the offence is flagged.
As to getting involved with players I only advise ARs to sort out any shenanigans that are happening away from play or try to deal with verbals with / among themselves. If it cannot be dealt with then a raised flag and call me across to deal with it. If I am being called across I expect the AR to advise what action he advises.
I also do not believe it is a good idea to get involved with individual players verbally during play. It is okay to shout decisions such as nothing there, not deliberate etc. For me if a player raises his arm to pull back an opponent he does that in the risk that it can be called. I also see no problem with responding during play to players' call with shouts of play on, no foul, not offside, nothing there etc. It irks me this procedure of stopping corners and free kicks to advise players to desist from fouling. I believe referees should just call what he sees rather than this 'intervention' to tell players not to foul. Sure that is part of the game to not offend so why stop every attacking restart to do so?

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