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Question Number: 32763

Law 15 - The Throw In 10/1/2018

RE: Select Under 13

Robert Husband of Rothbury, MI United States asks...

A player is throwing the ball inbounds, he commits a throw in violation ( both feet not on ground) but ball does not cross the in bounds line. Does he get to re throw the ball or not.

Answer provided by Referee Joe McHugh

Hi Robert
In FIFA games it is is interpreted by IFAB that as the ball has not entered the field of play the throw in is retaken in all situations. It is however left to the referee and assistant to decide whether a sliver of the ball has touched the plane of the touchline in which case the ball is in play and as the TI is incorrectly taken it is turned over to the opponents.
When I am on my own unless it is patently 110% obvious that the ball has not entered the field of play I Will award another TI to the opponents. I might hear *But it never came in ref* to which I say * I did not see that* . Most times when focussing on an TI as incorrectly taken I would give a TI to the opponents immediately based on the incorrect mechanism such as a raised foot, foot over the line etc. I would not be bothered too much about where the TI went. If the TI action was trifling I would assume the ball was in play and give a throw in to the opponents from where it looked like it left the FOP.
In NFHS games the throw in is turned over whether taken correctly or not.

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Answer provided by Referee Peter Grove

Hi Robert,
Under the IFAB's Laws of the Game, if the ball never came into play, the throw is retaken by the same team. As we often point out though, if even so much as the tiniest sliver of the ball crosses the outer edge of the line, the ball is considered to be in play. And if it did come into play on an incorrectly-taken throw, no matter how briefly, the throw-in reverts to the other team.

If the game is being played according to NFHS rules however, the throw is turned over to the opponent any time it did not come into play. Rule 15, Art. 5 states:

''If, on the throw-in, the ball fails to enter the field of play before it touches the ground, the ball is awarded to the opponent at the spot of the infraction.''

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Answer provided by Referee Richard Dawson

.HI Robert,
a few years back FIFA IFAB changed LAW 15 to read if a throw in is done incorrectly it is awarded to the opposing team. I do not understand why they decided to respond to a recent inquiry with a DIFFERENT interpretation then their original answer when questioned about it other than it is a personal opinion by the one answering.
This concept of no restart occurs unless the ball is put in play was altered when they decided to award INDFK to the opposing team on a PK that was not kicked forward. It was asked SPECIFICALLY if the throw in could use the same logic to not permit a 2nd try if the player does the procedure incorrectly be it mechanics or from the wrong spot on the FOP given if it was done correctly but never came in it would be a retake anyway. I personally think the thinking is flawed. As the saying what would we expect from the spirit of soccer? In most any throw the ball comes in contact with the 5 inch invisible wall of water even while held in the hands it is in play. Given we award the throw in to the opposing team for incorrectly doing the throw that comes into the FOP why would we award a retake to a player who does it twice as badly?
I respect Mr Ellery but I think his version is incorrect or a MAJOR deviation from past technical directors * referee committee findings This was discussed AT length I received corroboration from every single FIFA & IFAB committee member I contacted when this wording first appeared. Why change it now?

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