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Question Number: 32770

Law 15 - The Throw In 10/2/2018

RE: Youth to adult, comp and rec.

Barry Stewart of Chilliwack, BC Canada asks...

This question is a follow up to question 32763

Recent Law rewrites have been made to bring consistency to other Laws.

It seems odd to me that if a throw-in is never in play but done improperly (foot raised, or one-handed, etc.) that the throwing team should lose possession.

The ball was never 'in play,' so why should the thrower be punished, while another player can throw it properly but fail to get it in play - and get a retry?

A more consistent Law would be: 'If your attempt at the throw-in fails to get the ball in play, the other team gets to try.'

Answer provided by Referee Joe McHugh

Hi Barry
There is one premise in the Laws that failing to follow correct procedures should not be rewarded which is the back heeling a penalty kick or the wrong kicker taking the kick. The ball is in play when it is kicked forwards not backwards yet we punish that with an IDFK plus the wrong kicker has put the ball in play or has he? So there is precedent.
What happens in reaility as I said earlier is if a player lifts his foot high up at a TI I am calling a turnover to the opponents immediately probably with the ball only gone a few yards with probably no certainty of whether the ball enters or not. If he has a foot over the line ever chance the ball has broken the plane of the line at release. If he takes it from the wrong place I am also turning it over. Only in the case of an AR clearly saying that the ball was nowhere near entering the FOP is there a retake. Even at that he might not even get the opportunities as I will have called the incorrectly taken TI immediately which he will no doubt agree with.
IFAB has given an interpretation which is it role and right to do so. Referees should know the law and its technical interpretation. What happens though over the white line is never black or white. I have heard many times *But it never entered the FOP Ref * to which I say * I did not see that. It is a turnover*

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Answer provided by Referee Richard Dawson

HI Barry, when they first stared altering the historical consistencies to bring the game more into line with FAIR PLAY. The idea for example that the ball if NOT in play the restart MUST be retaken was altered when they began the back heel INDFK for a PK. AT first I thought it literally meant you could not turn your back on the ball and back heel it FORWARDS at the goal towards the keeper as a tricky play.

Apparently this tricky play is in fact allowed??? I watched a guy do it on youtube in fact. Up until I read that law change I never had seen nor truthfully have I EVER seen anyone back heel a pk away from the goal? ???? The reasoning was in my mind the ball is never in play as the LOTG STILL stated for a pk the ball must be kicked forward??? I thought it then as I do now an idiotic law.

My colleague Ref McHugh is likely correct and they lump the back heel same as a non id player taking the PK, in as a unwise action, we simply do not want the team messing with procedures to have a retake. Now why is a throw in suddenly sacrosanct as a restart??

On the throw in it NOW seems those that are in charge want the ball to cross the touchline before you can give it to the other team. Why this is eludes me as they already set a precedence in the PK of changing the restart based on an unwise action of violating procedures ??? WE have recently changed DFKS outside the FOP by players, Substitutes now being sent off for DOGSO & or given DFKS or PKS for what used to be drop ball or INDFK or USB cautions?

There is little reason to say a correctly taken thrown can be retaken if it does not cross the touchline if an incorrectly one that does not cross the touchline MUST also be retaken. The fact we are switching the retake is not even changing the restart just punishing the improper mechanics violating the procedure This seemed to me a no brainer and for one of the few times I believed the USA HIGHSCHOOL guys have it more right than FIFA!
That said I am now certain the IFAB position is if the ball does not enter the FOP no matter how it was thrown it be a hands over the head derived perfectly or a twisted two footed back heeled high jump no look that would make anyone watching go oh my gawd . They both get a rethrow despite if the ugly one had caught even a sliver of the TL it would be turned over???? Sigh go figure!

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Answer provided by Referee Peter Grove

Hi Barry,
As I alluded to in my previous response (but did not state specifically) the official answer given by the IFAB when I queried this, is that if the throw-in does not enter the field, it is retaken by the same team. This is consistent with all other restarts except the penalty kick, which perhaps because of its unique nature as the most game-changing of all the restarts, is an exception to the general rule that nothing that occurs while the ball is out of play, can change the restart.

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