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Question Number: 32875

Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 11/12/2018

RE: Adult

Melwyn of MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA India asks...

The goalkeeper has his feet grounded just inside (edge of) the penalty area. An aerial ball is played in the penalty area by the opponents and the goalkeeper collects it, just before the ball enters the penalty area (his feet still grounded inside the area but the ball appears to be out). He keeps the ball in his possession and makes sure it doesn't touch the ground. Is this an offence?

Answer provided by Referee Joe McHugh

Hi Melwyn
The answer depends on the position of the ball when the goalkeeper makes first contact on the ball with his hands.
The position of the feet and body makes no difference whatsoever to the decision. If the goalkeeper standing inside the penalty area reaches out over the penalty area line to touch the ball which is clearly outside the penalty area line with his hands it is deliberate handling punished by a direct free kick. The goalkeepers actions can also be assessed to whether the action denied a goal scoring opportunity or a goal.
Have a look at these videosj
The first one is clearly deliberate handling even if his feet were on the ground inside the area
The ones at 2.58, 3.11 are difficult to call yet some are clear cut.

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Answer provided by Referee Peter Grove

Hi Melwyn,
This seems like the same issue referred to in another recent question (32873) so I'll give more or less the same answer.

Assuming the ball is completely outside the area, then, yes it is an offence. It doesn't matter where the goalkeeper is, it only matters where the ball is. So long as not even the tiniest sliver of the ball is still overhanging the line) it is a handling offence for the keeper to touch it with the hands.

On the other hand, if even the tiniest part of the ball IS overhanging the line the the keeper may legally use their hands to contact the ball.

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Answer provided by Referee Richard Dawson

HI Melwyn,
The location of his feet have NO bearing on whether or not he has deliberately handled the ball, which, based on your description, appears likely.

The PA ( penalty area ) boundary lines are like a 5 inch wall of water extending straight up into the air if the ball is the least bit wet the keeper can legally use their hands even on the portion of the ball that has not yet completely entered into the PA.

The ball is about 9 inches wide the boundary line 5 inches thus if the outer edge of the ball was wet a keeper could ACTUALLY be completely outside the PA and still be ok to have hands on the ball because that 9 inch ball only has to break into that five inch plane to be considered inside the PA and thus legal for the keeper to use their hands.

However, if the keeper catches a ball outside the 5 inch plane by leaning out of the PA trying to keep their feet in or on the PA line if the ball is COMPLETELY outside it is a DFK for deliberate handling! Just remember the boundary line are like an invisible 5 inch wall extending straight up into the air . I use the wet idea to explain how the curve of a ball can overhang and thus be INSIDE the FOP or INSIDE the PA as the lines define the area they encompass. Whether the ball rolls along the ground or is up in the air an AR or CR must judge if the ball is IN or out while it is moving or curving in the air it can be difficult if it close either way. Just remember even if he carries the ball outside the DFK occurs a just outside the outer edge of the boundary line. There is NO PK for a deliberately handled ball by a keeper.


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