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Question Number: 32895

League Specific 11/26/2018

RE: competitive Under 17

r scott of Antrim, n ireland United Kingdom asks...

during a recent match my sons team was leading the game when 10 mins into 2nd 1/2 referee abandoned the game due to threat of violence from oppostion player and father. As the game was abandoned do we play remaining minutes or start the a new game but at the score the match was abandoned at.

Answer provided by Referee Richard Dawson

first off utter garbage that such an incident occurs. I hope those in charge effectively deal with the situation in a forceful manner.
Actually only the association under which the game is managed by will make that decision. In their bylaws unless it has specific rules itemizing what is to be done the general rule of thumb is to replay the match in its entirety.
I have seen an occasional match restarted after a disputed restart at exactly that precise moment but unless it is a disciplinary nightmare and they want to set the example and just declare one team a winner. I have seen where if one team is responsible it becomes a simple forfeit or a forfeit with fines or removal from the league or match bans. In others fines and a replay at a different venue?


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Answer provided by Referee Peter Grove

First of all, let me just echo what ref Dawson says - this sounds like a thoroughly reprehensible incident and hopefully will be dealt with by the relevant authorities imposing severe sanctions on anyone found responsible.

As to what will happen as regards the game, that is up to the competition organisers and will be based on any applicable provisions in the rules of competition (ROC). The Laws of the Game say that: ''An abandoned match is replayed unless the competition rules or organisers determine otherwise.''

So depending on what the ROC say, it could be replayed - either starting at the point it was abandoned or from the beginning, or the game could be awarded to one of the teams if the other team were found totally at fault for the abandonment. Also, fines and/or additional sanctions could (and probably should) be imposed on any guilty parties.

If there are no provisions for such an event in the ROC, the game would be replayed from the beginning. Incidentally if the game is entirely replayed it would start with the score at 0-0, not with the score when the game was abandoned.

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Answer provided by Referee Joe McHugh

Unfortunately an occurrence that is on the increase. Only recently the FAI banned three players for 40 years and one spectator for life for an assault of a referee and the club fined 500. Other sanctions included the offending team has to have three officials for every home game plus the appointment of a referee liaison officer.
The assault was so serious that the referee was hospitalised and had to undergo surgery. BTW the outcome of the game was never mentioned as it paled into insignificance. I suspect the result was awarded against the offending team that caused the abandonment.
Now in this case I echo the sentiments of my colleagues. This type of totally unacceptable behaviour has to stop and the only way is through tough sanctions.
Obviously the League will get the referees report and decide what action should be taken. Typical rules of competition can make provision for
1. The result to stand
2. The remaining minutes played out
3. The game replayed in full
Or the gamed voided.
Generally the sanction will be taken in a way that punishes the instigators of the abandonment so that those action that caused the game to be abandoned do not benefit from its players / spectators actions. If the offending team was getting beaten at the time of abandonment then the result could be allowed to stand with the player / spectator sanctioned and the club fined.

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