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Question Number: 33476

Other 6/24/2019

RE: rec Under 15

gary of Nashua, NH usa asks...

Had a first time issue this weekend. Had a thorough pregame with ars. As Cr, told them to strictly monitor offsides and out of bounds. Also, instructed them to signal for a foul if they had a strong point of view. One of my Ars had a routine first half in which he didn't call an offsides but went with all of his foul or out of bounds rulings. For some reason at halftime, he erupting into a profane tirade, surely wrong -14year olds on the sideline. Eventually, took authority in saying I was doing all I could with his information (was he on a power trip?I cant make eye contact with him all the time!). I felt like sending him off, then realized it would be a hard situation to explain. Other ar supported me-saying CR has the right to make decisions based on preference. He continued the second half and thankfully had no issues. In short, should have I reported to the assignor? what is the best way to deal with a linesman who is being vulgar/making unrealistic demands? How do you explain an AR dismissal (game report)?

Answer provided by Referee Joe McHugh

Hi Gary
Never easy situations.
Personally I would just speak informally with the assignor and seek his opinion / advice as to what should be done. I would advise him of what transpired. The assignor may have other knowledge on the subject. I would also request that I would not be allocated the AR again after his tirade and leave it at that.
As to dismissing an AR it is something that should be only be done as the last resort such as in the case of serious misconduct such as violent conduct, abuse, offensive, insulting behaviour.
In your example it was clear that the *best* decision was to continue with the AR.
Now if one wants to go the formal report route there are set protocols for reporting a match official and it is something that should not be done lightly. It is covered under USSF Policy 531.10 which can be viewed in the attached document.
It is made in writing to the State Referee Administrator or to the State Association.
For me it is a significant decision which will involve a formal hearing and all that goes with that.
To go to a formal report would necessitate a strong case and one that would deserve significant sanction on a match official.

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Answer provided by Referee Richard Dawson

Hi Gary,
I am confused, he had no offside issues and you supported every foul or ball out of bounds call he made so why is he acting like an idiot??? Profanity, if you catch a square ball delivered point blank into the genital area one might excuse an outburst but random profanity in public, addressed towards the CR by an AR is inexcusable. Fine ,if there is an issue get the ear and have a private talk not a rant or scream fest. I had a referee who ignored my WAVING flag for a deliberate fist pump handling knocking the ball forward, visually seen by the entire sideline of spectators who were just as astonished as I that the referee ignored my flag . Now I was upset as he had waved off or rather ignored two other flags for clear offside offences earlier and I was calm enough to drop the flag, albeit totally puzzled as to why but when I asked why are you not looking over and why are you ignoring the flags, When he started with the explanation my third flag was for a nonexistent offside. I realized he was not the best of the CRs on hand. I just gritted my teeth as he bluntly said it was his match, his decision. I was there ONLY to help him, not demand that he listen to me. I made no formal complaint but I did send a letter to the league explaining in some detail as to how he could use some guidance, monitoring and training.

I also suggest that you could state to the assigner you have no interest in teaming up with him again unless you both hash out the issues?? In your pregame do not give your ARS permission to make routine calls or significant calls where you are positioned to do so, only if you are NOT positioned to see it clearly. Have a crack at it first.

What I am confused about is what was the issue? How were you ignoring his input? I suggest eye contact should be at every stoppage and before any restart to ensure no missed signals but the thumbs up, good job, are we missing anything vital? as you float back & forth to stay in touch is a worthwhile endeavor. It is at times difficult to set ego, pride and irritation aside or not come off as arrogant or condescending but we all make our own choices in life. All we can do is try to make the best of what we know!

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Answer provided by Referee Joe Manjone

Profane language toward you within ear shot of players. That is inexcusable. Although it is not in the rules and as a sign to him that what he was doing was terribly wrong, I would have shown him the red card and told him to leave.

Hopefully, it would be a learning situation from him.

As a referee, I do not tolerate profane language toward me by any player, coach, spectator, or AR. Although, in my 6o years of officiating I have never had another referee use profane language toward me.

I hope that you never encounter this situation again.

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