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Question Number: 5157


RE: ex. level 3 ref Adult

Andrew Bright of Gloucester, England asks...

Hello,. I am a student at the university of Gloucester in England and am about to undertake a pilot study involving the use of a running test to exhaustion to determine levels of aerobic fitness in soccer referees. I was just wondering what kinds of tests are performed on referees at the moment to assess fitness? Do you know if a lot of detailed research has been done in my proposed area?..If you can help me in any way then I would be most grateful...Many Thanks..Andrew Bright

Answer provided by Referee Chuck Fleischer

Yes, Andrew Spanish Football has done work in your area if interest. An added bonus, the Physician overseeing this programme is quite proficient in English. []..You might want to check in with the Royal Marines as their standards of fitness far exceede those of us whose life does not depend really depend on being that fit...Regards,

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Answer provided by Referee Gary Sebalja

Hi Andrew, what a great topic you are taking on. I have done some investigation (not scientific) into this area as my exhaustion level is quite low. What referees are required to run is a 12 minute run cover a minimum of 2400 to 2700 meters, 2 x 50 meters sprints in 7.5 sec(men) 9.0 sec(wom) and 2 x 200 meter sprints in 35 - 32 sec (max for men) 40 sec wom. Depending on your level as to how fast you need to run. I will find some websites that may be of interest but will need to rumble through my favs folder.

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Answer provided by Referee Dawson

Hi Andrew,.there are some details with reguards to those Referees and ARs at the world cup that I was suprised to learn the length taken to ensure fitness and monitoring. There are heart rate and pressure devices attached to the individual (in his home training area) that monitor the physiological changes and these are sent via comuter email to those that oversee those chosen to Referee and AR at the FIFA level. THere are varying levels of personal training that all officials do on their own but in preperation for specific events often they are told or given instructions on when and how they train. Preventive measures to minimize injuries and rest periods as well as evaluation of mechanics and review of matches all factors into the training scheduale. When you think it is not the only job a person has it takes an incredable amount of time and a very considerate boss to make it possible. I suggest you write FIFA and ask about these methods. Cheers

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Answer provided by Referee Ref

Hi,..The following goes on for Premiership referees in the UK:..The referees fitness is laboratory assessed prior to the season start and throughout. Referees are provided with heart rate monitors which they can use to download data to Lillishall... .Philip Don has been given the reponsibility of overseeing all of this and monitoring the refereeing revolution. He is the Premier League's Head of Refereeing and Head of the Professional Game Match Officials Board (PGMOB). He can be contacted at ..Regards,..J Laflin

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