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Question Number: 5670


RE: competitive

Richard of Knoxville, TN USA asks...

Can you recommend a good reference to read about the Pre-game instructions the center referee should provide. We hear about it in our education classes but I would like to have a template. The instructions I receive range from cursory to comprehensive and, of couse, can be somewhat idiosyncratic, depending on the center referee. I have tried to make notes on what I want to be sure to say but feel I could do better. .Thanks

Answer provided by Referee Chuck Fleischer

Here is a very basic outline I give my students:..REFEREE?S STANDARD INSTRUCTIONS TO ASSISTANTS.1. We are a team and we are all competent..2. Assistants duties are to assist the referee by:.a. Indicating ball in touch & restart possession in his end, in referee?s end when asked.b. Indicating offside infractions that should be sanctioned.c. When substitution is requested.d. When misconduct or any other incident has occurred out of the view of the referee.e. Record game information as requested by the referee..TOUCH ? RESTARTS ? POSITION ? DUTIES.1. In your end every time point flag at near side of goal area/at near corner/to direction of throw/ flag straight up it unsure.2. Keep flag on referee?s side straight down.3. Don?t chase or stop the ball.4. Kick off???? LBO defender.5. Corner kick?? ball position - encroachment - inswinger - judge goal.6. Goal kick?? ball placement/clear penalty area.7. FK Midfield?? ball placement/LBO defender .8. FK NrGoal?? LBO defender, seldom goal judge.9. PnltyKck?? Goal judge - goalkeeper movement.10. Goal?? Sprint toward halfway line.11. Problem?? Freeze??Ref will figure you know something he doesn?t.12. Substitution?? Flag square overhead?who supervises, when?? .13. Referee?s end?? Flag down, if referee needs help, then give it..OFFSIDE INFRACTIONS.1. Flag straight up?? hold until recognized.2. At whistle???? show location..Remember passive offside is not to be called.Remember if offside in doubt, NO FLAG..FOULS ? INDICATED BY ASSISTANT.1. Flag straight up in hand corresponding to expected restart ?flick wave when eye contact with referee.2. Show direction of restart with flag??eye contact?? DFK?? IFK.3. If referee waves you off?stay calm? smile? catch up with play..Make sure the referee can sell your call..FOULS NEAR GOAL ? CALLED BY REF OR AR.1. Make sure the call can be sold by the referee.2. If outside the penalty area or indirect stay perpendicular to point of foul until referee sees.3. If inside penalty area walk briskly to corner (if you call foul).4. If inside penalty area flag between legs (is ref calls foul) ....1999 Fleischer ? Pregame

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Answer provided by Referee Dawson

Hi Richard,.there are several concepts about. At the elite level they have a general discussion that can last a long time. Not only does the CR initiates instructions but fields question from his or her ARS. At the opposite end with only club linesmen a few minutes as their duties are restricted. If you are assessed consider the the pregame includes everything from your warm up procedures, talking to the ARs, the pitch inspection, any talk to the coaches or captains..In recreational matches I sometimes tailor my instructions to fit the level or calibre of those assigned to the match. However in order to learn they require your confidence and your details must be clear and to the point. Here is an example one assessor used to judge the validity of what the CR should cover. .. RE: Prematch Discussion with ARs.Message:. . Selection of Senior and Junior Assistant Referees . Backup of match time . Diagonal to be used . Duties of Assistant Referees: . Primary in and out of play judges . Which means Primary goal judges . Offside judge . Handle subs . Referee keeps score . Position and duties: . Position in active play . Follow the ball to the goal line . Fouls Anything you see (15 yds) ? mirror my calling . Offside Active participation (review) . hold signal / flag down . Restarts Corner kick - signal . Goal kick - signal . Penalty kick ? GK movement, stand if error . Free Kicks -where . Throw-ins ? AR watch feet . Foul recognition and calling . Signals Goal scored . Your quadrant: . Fouls / Direct-IFK . In touch . In and Out (apparent non goal) = stand . PK infraction by GK = stand . Substitutions and TIME . Get center attention Misconduct out of the view of the Referee . Wait until ball out of play...In highly competative leagues it is crucial to have the team working as a unit. As CR you need to focus on the items that can give a match dificulties. .An example.When play changes direction the trail AR should watch what is happening along the back line - not to look up field immediately. The CR and other AR are looking up field - the trail AR should watch behimd the ref's back until players clear out. Retailiation and agressive interaction can place mant players holding somebody part lying onthe ground and no AR or CR the wiser as they did not see it. Not good and needs to be prevented!!!.How much general knowledge do you have on the teams prior to kickoff? Research into key players, playing styles and past conduct is relevant to preparing for a match. ..For a good review of LAW 6 and the pregame go to my esteemed UK colleague Julian Carosi's website.. the law button top left on his home page click law 6 when the list appears and prepare to be enlightened. Julian's site is the best personal site on refereeing anywhere in the world. There are a few divergent opinions on small matters of national interpretation but 99% of what is needed is there. Any referee from any nationality who studies the combined resources and information compiled at Mr Carosi's site could pass any exam ever devised. . Cheers

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