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Question Number: 6251

Law 16 - Goal Kick

Neil Giannoni of Jersey, United Kingdom asks...

Can a goal kick be taken quickly while there are oponents in the penalty box , it states in the soccer handbook that all oponets must be out of the box before a kick can be taken , what is the correct answer.

Answer provided by Referee Chuck Fleischer

The answer to your question is YES! Yes it can be taken quickly but the opponents must be retiring. Yes the opponents can be in the penalty area, if the kicking team accepts them being there, they do this by taking a quick goal kick. The ball must still go into the outfield before it is in play...By the way the Laws say that all opponents remain outside the penalty area until the ball is in play. It does not address those inside and retiring to a position outside the area. ..A referee that allows this quick restart too often will, sooner or later, be bitten by the decision. The ball will hit someone outside the penalty area and rebound to an attacker that was still inside and there'll be a goal scored, quite legally, but under iffy circumstances. The tears will be many and large and feelings will be bad and directed at you...You gotta ask yourself if this is something ya really need? Well do ya, Neil?..Regards,

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Answer provided by Referee Gary Sebalja

how do you read that from the laws. They clearly state that opponents must remain (wait after the ball is kicked and left the Penalty area, not move in straight after the ball is kicked.) outside the penalty area until the ball has left the area.

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Answer provided by Referee Dawson

Hi Neil, .yes it can but should it as it is not in accordance with restart directions. Should a referee be allowed to see it as trival to its impact? More importantly is it legal? LAW 16, Goal kick specifically states the opponents must not be there. ..I have seen opposing players outside the penalty area run back across into the area cutting the corner illegally to chase down a sideways GK to a free defender in the corner. I have called these situations and warned the attackers NOT to do so or they could be cautioned for delaying the restart and I have the GK retaken. However I also have watched as the defender still had control and made a great pass upfield and continued their attack so I did not order a retake simply spoke to the attacker NOT to do that or they could be cautioned. Was I right to do so? I think I was. ..As to your quick quick idea, here, in my opinion, we have letter of law and spirit of law a bit in conflict. .(A1) A receeding opposing attacker making no effort other than to leave the area is a stride from stepping out as the ball is kicked way over his head and the referee fails to blow the whistle has he created a precedent? .(A2)What if the ball deflected off the still inside the penalty area receeding opposing attacker slightly and still travelled out to an awaiting GK's teammate to continue the attack?..(B1)If that same kick was poorly taken and it went directly out to an attacker who was outside and blasts the ball back into the goal just as that reeceeding opposing attacker was stepping out would you allow the goal? .(B2)What if the ball deflected slightly on its way to the net off the receeding attacker just stepping out but still inside?..In either case of (part A1 or B1) that reeceeding opposing attacker, still inside the penalty area, had zero impact. The thing is you could order either goal kick retaken and be correct for doing so but the players may think you are anal on the first one and the defenders will be in complete agreement on the second while the attackers are freaking. ..Look at the issues with (A2 and B2) Was not the illegally positioned albeit innocent reeceeding opposing player a factor in play? ..UNLESS you are on to the whistle immediately everytime a GK is being taken if there is an opponent anywhere close to being still inside before the ball leaves the area. This will go to credability and even if you are thought of as a stickler you will not run into any problems...On an exam if asked, you retake no quick kick! .On the field of play if you retake every time no problems. If you try to see trival just remember it could come back and gotcha!.Cheers

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