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Question Number: 6397

League Specific

RE: Rec Under 12

Bob Beeler of Elizabethtown, KY USA asks...

During play in a game today just as the attacker passed the ball and was tripped, the AR signaled for the foul I yelled play on as the pass was completed and attacking team made the shot which was stopped by the goalie. Now I am second guessing myself as to whether I should have blown the whistle and awarded the free kick as the trip was just outside the penalty area and the advantage of a direct kick might have been better for the attacking team. Was I right in allowing play to continue? Also I use this site quite a bit and it has helped me considerably, Thanks

Answer provided by Referee Keith Contarino

You have decided there was advantage to be given. That advantage was realized by the shot on goal. At U12 rec, they miss most of their PK's much less DFK's from 20-25 yards out. I'll even give advantage inside the PA at this age group as they're more likely to make a shot on goal if it's clear. I think you did well. No use second guessing yourself. Remember, if the advantage is not realized in a few seconds, you can call it back and punish the foul. Also, the shot on goal was the advantage. They don't have to score.

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Answer provided by Referee Dawson

Hi Bob, .Yelling (play on!) is not the correct advantage signal in my opinion. Use the word ADVANTAGE, use the arms to signal and then add PLAY ON is a better order in my opinion. I find the use of (play on) is a natural instruction to tell the players just keep playing be it a inadvertant handling accidental trip or no need to stop for any reason. Many choose to insist PLAY ON is exclusive for advantage I think it is unnatural as a mechanic as it so easy to name drop it during all around play where the word ADVANTAGE and the arm signal is unique unto itself...Mechanics aside, if you see and acknowledge the foul by calling out ADVANTAGE or simply delay the whistle to await an outcome in that few seconds you can wait to see if there truly is an advantage which in your opinion either occurs or does not. A good clean shot on the goal, not a toe poke as he is going to ground off a deflection where no real control exists. The result must be in the destiny of the player taking the opportunity. I believe from your description you were absolutely correct to allow play and the shot was a new phase of controled play. ..Remember you can always return to show a card if the foul was either reckless or exessive. In any advantage call I will make a solid effort to remember which defender created the foul not only if there is misconduct but to have a word or remember for persistant infringement. I have applied advantage three times and it was the same defender who had ben previously responsible for 2 other fouls where free kicks were given. I booked him for pesistant infringement once play had stopped after the third advantage...Although your situation seems pretty clear some are not..In a recent match the defender fouls the attacker inside the area as the attacker falls the ball strikes the arm of the attacker and it hopps into the corner of the goal only to be saved by the diving keeper. I award a PK, send the defender off for DOGSO and take the heat. The ball was on the goal, the keeper had to save it how was the opportunity denied the shot such as it was was made? Why did I not call the attacker for deliberate handling? ..The attacker was in alone on the keeper, the defender deliberately takes the professional foul and hauls him down. The ball takes a fortunate accidental bounce and we almost have a goal but was that advantage? In my opinion no, the circumstances were in my opinion if the ball made its way into the goal no need to red card the defender no need to give a PK if the ball had of just rolled by the goal I would have hit the whistle and pointed to the spot before the ball leeft the field of play. . .Is waiting for an outsome actually playing advantage? In my opinion no they are slightly different even though they are nearly the same. One simply allows a play or a phase of play to conclusion the other resets the phase of play into further opportunity..Cheers

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Answer provided by Referee Gary Sebalja

Absolutely correct, the trip did not interfer with play though it is a foul. The attacking team were still able to continue and have a shot at goal. You may wish to go back for a card if necessary at the next stoppage.

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Answer provided by Referee Chuck Fleischer

The foul failed to do as the defense wanted, you shouldn't stop this one. Once the pass has been successful the advantage you saw was realized, don't come back because the shot on goals missed. If the trip was reckless or used excessive force you might want to go in your pocket. ..With regard to announcing you are playing advantage, I'm with Ref Dawson -Advantage, Play On- together with the arm swing, at waist level. You may, if you wish, hold your arms in position until the advantage is realized...Regards,

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