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Appearance 10/3/2017

Mark of Cedar Rapids, IA US asks...

In the past year I have started to ref some of my kids games. The standard 'gold' jersey was issued to me when I completed the training. I have since purchased and additional Black/white stripes jersey which I have been wearing. Just this week I had ...

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Appearance 11/28/2016

Mitchell of Rancho Cucamonga, California United States asks...


This is just a follow-up to Richard Dawson's desire to see a video of the 2nd question I asked - I found a link on YouTube that shows the game. Please look about 3 minutes into the video - it shows the incident I am asking about. No ne...

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Appearance 11/16/2015

Scott of Tustin, CA - California United States asks...

Hi refs. The other day, prior to a U12 game we were both assigned to, a fellow referee told me something I had not heard before.

I arrived at the game, as I always do, dressed in my yellow referee jersey. I have jerseys of two other colors t...

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Appearance 7/23/2015

Tim Eliot of New York, NY USA asks...

No further question, and feel free to post this or not as you see fit. I just wanted to express my thanks for the clarity and promptness of all of your replies! Good refs stepping up makes me very happy. Cheers to all of you!

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Appearance 8/16/2014

Luis of San Diego, California United States asks...

I've asked around a couple of referees in the area with no satisfying answer. How do I keep my OSI shorts from fading? I would at least want to minimize the fading once it renew my now faded shorts....

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Appearance 5/22/2014

Mike Monce of Lebanon, CT USA asks...

Not a question but a followup on how to educate parents in the LOTG. If I am an AR on the parents side, and a call is questioned, at a stoppage I respond to the parents in a very friendly manner and explain the call. I've found this works very well...

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Appearance 6/26/2012

Andrea Rabuse of Woodbury , MN USA asks...

I am a new ref this year and I am also very small so the jesy is really big and so are the shorts and i have them in the smallest size they come in. I was just wondering if its required to wear offical ref shorts or if i could use a pair of my own bl...

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Appearance 3/17/2012

Carl Neighbors of APO, AP Japan asks...

I am a USSF certificated referee and I have a question regarding wearing the USSF Referee badge at non-USSF sanctioned matches. I'm currently living in Japan and I recently got into a discussion with another referee regarding whether or not we should...

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Appearance 12/31/2011

Kevin Freeman of Groves, TX USA asks...

I was just wondering will the MLS referees for this coming season, will they be wearing the new Adidas Euro 2012 referee jerseys? I was just curious....

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Appearance 7/19/2010

Walt Heatherly of Hendersonville , TN USA asks...

I failed to include the shoes in question so here they are:
From your previous responses (for which I am very thankful for) I would assume that these would be in order but...<...

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