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Character, Attitude and Control 12/29/2016

Jason of Wylue, TX USA asks...

How does this apply to coaches, bench players and parents? I have witnessed many cases of a player dribbling down the touchline next to a coach or parent touchline, and seen them winch or flinch when there is a loud scream right as they pass by. I ge...

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Character, Attitude and Control 11/28/2016

Jack of Sydney, New South Wales Australia asks...

I'm interested to hear any commentary that the panel may have on the level of dissent displayed in the video provided by Michael, particularly early on. I realise that a higher level of dissent is tolerated in professional matches, but this seems exc...

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Character, Attitude and Control 11/5/2016

Philip Sowton of Exeter, Devon United Kingdom asks...

After a match had finished two players were having a private conversation as they left the pitch in which they criticised a referee decision. The referee overheard the conversation and cautioned the players. We don't yet know if the referee issued th...

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Character, Attitude and Control 10/31/2016

Shawn Ramon of beeville, Texas United States asks...

This past weekend my player was attempting to take a IFK. The defending player was clearly with the 10yds allowed and I asked the referee for 10 yds. I was told that my player did not ask for the 10 yds and that he does not have to ensure the yardag...

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Character, Attitude and Control 10/17/2016

Chad of Chadville, TX USA asks...

How do you know as a CR the balance between letting players play but not letting the game get out of hand?

I do higher level youth games (like Division 1 State Cup, Varsity high school level) where I usually AR and one thing that concerns me...

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Character, Attitude and Control 4/28/2016

Mike Green of Woodbridge, VA USA asks...

During a U11 competitive game a player tugged on a shirt at midfield disrupting an attack. There was no advantage, and I blew the foul then stopped play to issue a warning rather then caution the player. The coach of the fouled team objected that I s...

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Character, Attitude and Control 4/7/2016

Alex of corvallis, Oregon usa asks...

follow up remark rather then question.
My daughter was arm stiffed full force, she planted her foot not to lose her balance.ResultL torn ACL, she is committed to a D1 school. a year with no competitive soccer. Lazy referee was arbitrating the ...

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Character, Attitude and Control 2/3/2016

George of Parangarecutirimicuaro, CA Sacratomato asks...

Over the weekend, I was a referee for a U19 game. This particular league is considered more advanced than Rec hence the Winter league, but below Comp as far as skill goes. In this particular league I often find myself refereeing with either referee...

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Character, Attitude and Control 10/4/2015

Jeff of Seattle, WA USA asks...

I have a question regarding the 'morality' of some calls you make or don't make

This weekend, I was an AR on a game and there was a loud parent behind me who was doing a lot of coaching from the sideline. I didn't care much.

But th...

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Character, Attitude and Control 9/1/2015

Mike of Lebanon, CT USA asks...

So on another ref board I apparently waded into a controversy when I expressed the view that I do not adjust my calls based on the score differential. Several objected to this view. I do use the score differential as a clue to behavior, e.g. is the l...

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